Does Trump Want Guns In Classrooms? Kind Of.

On Sunday, GOP presumptive nominee Donald Trump explained that teachers should not have guns in the classrooms; but “some teachers” should have guns in the classroom.

So…Trump kind of wants guns in classrooms?

While on air via telephone on the always-Trump-friendly Fox and Friends, the real estate mogul was asked about Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton’s recent criticisms of Trump concerning his supposed endorsement of guns in the classroom.

Trump will “mandate that every school in America allow guns in classrooms; every school, he said,” declared Hillary. “That’s no way to keep us safe.”

“I don’t want to have guns in classrooms,” retorted Trump, “although in some cases teachers should have guns in classrooms frankly.”

Explaining his contradiction laid out in a single sentence, Trump said that “teachers are—you know—things that are going on in our schools are unbelievable.” He added, “Trained teachers” should be allowed access to guns.

Hillary also said that “Trump’s America” will lead to “more kids at risk of violence and bigotry.” The presidential hopeful added, “picture more anger and fear.”

Generally speaking, social issues are not a top priority to voters; polling unsurprisingly indicates that the economy and national security are the most important issues factoring into voting decisions for both Democrats and Republicans, whereas social issues rank as “below average in imporance.”

“I don’t want to have guns in classrooms, although in some cases teachers should have guns in classrooms frankly.”

Donald Trump, sure of himself once again

Nonetheless, the Second Amendment became a key area of contention in presidential election 2016 last week. Democrat Hillary Clinton has used the issue to show a distinction between her and Senator Bernie Sanders—a thorn in the side of Mrs. Clinton that just won’t go away. Clinton is positioned to the left of the socialist on the issue. Trump, on the other hand, has tried to win over conservatives who simple don’t trust the flip-flopping real estate mogul as their candidate.

Trump was endorsed by the National Rifle Association on Friday.