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‘Do Google’: Kamala Harris Tells Americans To Search Internet For Non-Existent COVID-19 Tests
Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) speaks to reporters after announcing her candidacy for President of the United States, at Howard University, her alma mater, on January 21, 2019 in Washington, DC.
Al Drago/Getty Images

Vice President Kamala Harris is receiving scorn across social media after telling Americans during an interview to “do Google” to find non-existent COVID-19 tests.

Harris made the comment during an exclusive interview with NBC News pushing back against Republican attacks that President Biden’s speech in Atlanta on voting rights was “divisive.”

“If you want to figure out how to get across town to find some restaurant you heard is great, you usually ‘do Google’ to figure out where it is,” Harris said.

“So that’s simply about giving people, right, a mechanism by which they can locate something that they need, something that can help them,” she added.

Harris argued that the president made “right and courageous step to say that Senate rules should not get in the way of protecting the American people’s access to the ballot.”

“And he compared this time to a previous time in our history, which is apt for comparison,” she added.

Biden dramatically argued the choice on the Democrats’ new voting rights bill in the Senate was a choice between “Dr. King or George Wallace.” The comment pitted the voting reform legislation as a racial issue despite the bill having nothing to do with race.

Social media, however, was more interested in Harris telling Americans to “do Google” in response to finding COVID-19 tests. The tests have been unavailable in many parts of the country, despite Biden’s promises that widespread tests would be made available.

“It’s time for everyone to ‘do Google,'” Ben Shapiro tweeted.

Others trolled Harris over the contradiction between being asked for a photo ID for a COVID-19 test while Biden argues against needing a photo ID to vote.

Former Republican New Jersey Governor Chris Christie also recently blasted the Biden administration’s failure to be 22 months into the pandemic and still have people standing in long lines for COVID-19 tests. The Daily Wire recently reported:

“Well, he couldn’t be much more wrong than he’s been of late,” Christie replied. “To be 22 months into this crisis and have people waiting on line for testing and not be able to get tests after he appropriated $1.9 trillion to try to deal with this when he first came into office is incompetence of a monumental scale.”

Christie went on to say that what the Biden Administration needed was a new strategy or a new way to approach the problem — and that the very first thing they should do was to get the testing situation under control.

“One of the ways would be — how about getting competent on testing? Because that’s a key part of the strategy of moving forward here and trying to keep people safe, is to keep people apprised of their status to try to lessen the spread of Omicron, which is obviously a much more contagious strain than some of the other strains that we’ve had, certainly the Delta strain,” Christie explained. “That — you know — so that’s Joe Biden’s first problem.”

“His second problem is that he’s dealing in a situation now where he has set extraordinarily high expectations,” Christie said, pointing to Biden’s oft-repeated campaign promise to “defeat the virus” or “shut down the virus.”

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