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DNC: Cindy McCain To Promote John McCain And Joe Biden’s ‘Unlikely Friendship’

"It was a friendship that shouldn’t have worked."
PHILADELPHIA, PA - OCTOBER 16: Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) give a thumbs up before receiving the the 2017 Liberty Medal from former Vice President Joe Biden (left) at the National Constitution Center on October 16, 2017 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
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Joining John Kasich in the ranks of Republicans helping former Vice President Joe Biden’s election, Cindy McCain, the widow of former presidential candidate Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), will be speaking in a video Tuesday night at the Democratic National Convention highlighting her late husband’s “unlikely friendship” with Joe Biden.

According to The Hill, an advanced clip of the video will show how Biden first met John McCain when the former Vietnam veteran was assigned to be a “military aide to the then-Delaware senator on his overseas trips, a relationship that evolved into an ‘unlikely friendship,”

“It was a friendship that shouldn’t have worked. John, a former Navy pilot, just released from a North Vietnamese prison. Joe, a young senator from Delaware. But in the 1970s, Joe was assigned a military aide for a trip overseas,” the narrator says in the video. “John and Joe traveled thousands of miles together. The families got to know each other, gathering for picnics in the Biden’s backyard.”

Cindy McCain said that that the two would often “just sit and joke” in what “was like a comedy show sometimes.”

Cindy McCain will not be formally endorsing Joe Biden and said earlier this year she has “no intention of getting involved in presidential politics.” The video comes almost two weeks after Meghan McCain hinted she would vote for Joe Biden while not publicly committing to it.

“I’m not saying who I’m voting for … but I’m not voting for Trump,” Meghan McCain said on Watch What Happens Live.

Meghan added that she wants to see who Joe Biden picks as a running mate.

“I want to see how this plays out, and I want to see the debates,” she said. “I’m like such a last-minute – I mean, I’m so spoiled because I’ve loved so many elections, and this one’s not my favorite for a lot of different reasons.”

During the online after-show, Meghan said that Sen. Tammy Duckworth (D-IL) would be a good choice for Joe Biden.

“I think if he’s smart he’ll choose someone like Tammy Duckworth because she’s very hard to attack because she’s a veteran and she has such a long history,” she said. “But I know there’s a huge debate that people want a Black woman to be chosen.”

“I know, one hundred percent who he shouldn’t pick,” she continued. “I don’t think Susan Rice is a good choice at all because she’s never been elected to anything.”

Former Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R) spoke at the DNC on Monday night wherein he said that Trump is “unlike all of the best leaders before him who worked to unite us and bridge the differences and lead us to a united America.”

“I’m a lifelong Republican. That attachment holds second place to my responsibility to country,” Kasich said.

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