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DISGUSTING: Writer For ‘Bill Nye’ Tweets That Steve Scalise Deserved To Be Shot

By  Amanda Prestigiacomo

Standup comedian and Netflix’s Bill Nye Saves The World writer Marcella Arguello thinks House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, one of those “old ass conservative white men,” deserved to die for the good of the collective.

In response to the horrific assassination attempt on a reported list of Republican lawmakers at a baseball field two weeks ago in Alexandria, Virginia, Arguello tweeted (and subsequently deleted) that Scalise was deserving of death since it would apparently give momentum to her political agenda against the Second Amendment.

“[I]f a few old ass conservative white men have to die in order to get the gun control issue discussed then I’m willing to take that risk,” she wrote.

Arguello tweeted her remark on the same day Rep. Scalise was shot in the hip, which caused “significant damage” to the lawmaker’s internal organs and left in him critical condition, fighting for his life.

After receiving backlash from the tweet, Arguello deleted her comments — only to issue a tweet taking aim at President Donald Trump, which was full of colorful language: “I deleted an ‘offensive tweet’; Cause if the president can do it then f*** it b**** so can I,” she said.

The writer would eventually tweet out a photo of a tattoo which reads “BYE HATERS” and shows a naked woman, um, flying away by the use of her vagina.

Classy stuff.

Thankfully, on Saturday, it was reported that Scalise was finally moved out of the intensive care unit at MedStar Washington Hospital Center. “Congressman Steve Scalise’s continued good progress allowed him to be transferred out of the Intensive Care Unit on Thursday (June 22). He remains in fair condition as he continues an extended period of healing and rehabilitation,” said a statement from the hospital.

To see more insane leftist reactions to the assassination attempt, click here.

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