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Disgusting: Sarah Silverman Jokes About Abortion, Semen at Kids’ Charity Event

By  Amanda Prestigiacomo

Abortion-obsessed purported comedian Sarah Silverman joked about semen, sex with her boyfriend, sexual assault, and abortion while speaking at a charity event for children in New York City, because of course she did.

Yes, for some inconceivable reason, someone actually trusted this vulgar, insufferable woman to speak in front of children.

Silverman delivered a “considerably dirty and outrageous” routine at the charity event for the arts in public schools. “But even the adult guests were shocked in an audience that included teen students,” reports Page Six.

The gala reportedly opened up with performances from middle and high schools students. Let’s go ahead and call this a “missed cue” by Silverman to refrain from joking about procedures which murder babies’ via skull crushing.

“At the end of the night, Silverman seemed to shock even the most hard-core New Yorkers with her limit-pushing new material,” said one guest at the event, according to Page Six, while another guest surmised, “I guess she was told not to hold back.”

Another person in attendance remarked that the routine “was intense,” “even for teens.”

Spies said Silverman’s jokes included recalling a time in college that one of her sisters was vomiting in a toilet and simultaneously defecated when her pants fell down; a bit about how “sperm have a sense of smell”; and a Silverman run-in with a 9-year-old abortion protester who told her she would “burn in hell,” but Silverman then made her smile by telling a “poop joke.”


“It was an interesting bookend to an evening that started with kids performing a tune from ‘Once on This Island,'” said another attendee.

This is par for the course from Silverman. Back in 2012, being super funny once again, she joked about getting a “quickie aborsh.”

Baby murder is side-splitting. Literally.

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