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DISGUSTING: Abortion Fanatics Vandalize University Chapel With Pro-Abortion Graffiti, Fake Blood

In a despicable act of intolerance, a chapel at a Catholic university in Spain was vandalized with pro-abortion messages and splattered fake blood. The pro-life Catholics who occupy the chapel apparently needed to be taught a lesson for their objection to the gruesome act of abortion.

Autonomous University of Madrid’s chapel walls were covered in spray-painted pro-abortion messages, including “free abortion” and “secular education,” reports Life News. Inside the chapel, red splotches that looked like fake blood covered the pews, holy statues, confessional, walls and tabernacle. Graffiti was also found on the outside of the chapel: “free abortion” was “daubed across the wall and the lock to the chapel’s door broken.”

Miguel Fernando García López, the priest of the chapel, reportedly discovered the vandalism on Wednesday morning; the police immediately launched an investigation into the incident but have yet to identify those responsible.

According to police sources, the perpetrators “left several posters at the scene but it is unclear whether these give any clue as to their identities.”

Unfortunately, intolerance for those with pro-life views, in America and abroad, is rather common–especially on college and university campuses.

As The Daily Wire reported earlier this month, college student Lia Mills made the mistake of calmly voicing her pro-life views during class. She was immediately scolded for her dissension, forced to apologize for making her fragile classmates feel “uncomfortable,” and then promptly kicked out of the class’ Facebook group.

The ever-common echo of “tolerance” did not apply to Mills, just as it did not apply for those at the Autonomous University of Madrid.