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Director Rob Reiner Posts Lewd Trump/Pence Tweet. Liberals Cheer The ‘Homophobic’ Attack.

By  James Barrett

Director and actor Rob Reiner took to Twitter on Wednesday to prove yet again that he’s more than willing to go low to try to score some political points with his lefty buddies in Tinseltown. In the process, he also proved that the Left will gleefully engage in the kinds of “homophobic” attacks they condemn from the Right.

Reiner, who’s becoming notorious for nasty tweets, lashed out at President Trump and Vice President Pence in a lewd post in which he somehow managed to misspell the operative word.

“If you want to see a VP perform falatio on a POTUS, check out today’s cabinet meeting,” wrote Reiner. “Just keeping him happy before the hammer comes down.”

As Twitchy highlights, some of the blowback on Twitter was brutal — and far more witty than Reiner’s mini-rant.

“Decades in pervy Tinseltown and you can’t even spell ‘fellatio,'” wrote one guy. “Rob, your attacks on people you politically oppose based solely on your bias makes you appear to be a small minded hack without critical thinking skills,” wrote another twitterer. Even Reiner’s fans who hate Trump as much as he does couldn’t ignore the typo. “Hey, meathead, I love ya, but your spelling of fellatio blows,” wrote one member of the #Resistance.

But most of the response was from the “When Harry Met Sally” director’s fellow liberals, who cheered him for his petty mockery and jumped on the chance to insult Trump and Pence with exactly the kinds of attacks that the Left decries as “homophobic” when originating from the Right. A few examples from the flood of “gay-bashing” tweets:

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