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Despite The Common Misconception, “Leftism” and “Liberalism” Are Not Synonymous

By  Jeremy Frankel

Merriam-Webster dictionary defines “liberal” as being “not opposed to new ideas or ways of behaving that are not traditional or widely accepted.” To most, Leftists and liberals used to mean the same thing. The terminology was simple- left-wingers are liberal, right-wingers are conservative. Liberals are open to new trends in society, while conservatives are more comfortable with tradition.

But nowadays, Leftism has become a rigid ideology of its own. No more are they liberal in the traditional sense, which boils down to “live and let live.” Instead, they believe that anyone that doesn’t agree with hard Leftist ideology is evil and must be excommunicated.

As Steve Deace writes at Conservative Review, the Leftist will do everything in his or her power to destroy anyone who doesn’t subscribe to their ideology, and the main target of that destruction is the conservative.

But another major enemy of the Left is Christianity. There are countless examples of Leftists trying to destroy Christians, from suing Christians not wanting to bake cakes for gay weddings to jailing County Clerk Kim Davis in Kentucky refusing to sign off on a gay marriage because of her religious beliefs.

Another example occurred last week at the Senate confirmation hearing for Russell Vought, a religious Christian, to become the deputy director of the White House Office of Management and Budget. Senator Bernie Sanders, a secular Socialist, harshly questioned Vought’s qualifications to hold public office, even yelling at him, for an article he wrote at Erick Erickson’s The Resurgent. In his piece, Vought stated, “Muslims do not simply have a deficient theology. They do not know God because they have rejected Jesus Christ his son, and they stand condemned.”

Sanders called this “hateful” and “indefensible,” and yelled at Vought for answering that he is a Christian and this is what Christianity believes. Sanders claimed because of these beliefs, he could not support Vought’s confirmation.

This is pure Leftist bigotry, a far cry from the “liberalism” they claim to encompass.

Another example concerns Gays for Trump, who had their float rejected by the Charlotte Pride parade, specifically because they don’t support the Left, which the gay community generally does. As Amanda Prestigiacomo wrote on Friday, Gays for Trump had their request for their float to be included in the parade rejected by Charlotte Pride, which didn’t even try to hide their anti-Trump or anti-Conservative bias in their rejection.

There are countless occasions of Leftist hypocrisy where they openly shun the open-mindedness they pretend to believe in. Meanwhile, it is worth noting that conservatives are generally open to any type of lifestyle, as long as it doesn’t take away someone’s rights. Whether you are black or white, Christian, Jew or Muslim, gay or straight, no one on the Right cares. The conservative movement has a tolerant worldview.

This is the true meaning of the word “liberalism.” Liberalism, if you use the word in its exact definition, is conservatism. The sooner we understand that, the sooner society will see the Left for what it truly is—a totalitarian mob which will stop at nothing to rule over society with an iron fist.

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