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Dershowitz: Yep, Cruz Was One Of My Smartest Students Ever

Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz gushed about Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) on Fox News’s “The Kelly File,” as he called Cruz one of the smartest students he’s ever had.

Dershowitz told host Megyn Kelly that on the first day of class, Cruz came in immediately holding up his right hand.

“Everything I said, he challenged me,” Dershowitz said. “He was one of the best students I ever had, because a teacher loves to be challenged. I used the Socratic method. Everything I said, he disagreed with. I was against the death penalty, he’s in favor of it. I was in favor of the exclusionary rules, he’s against it. And he made such brilliant arguments that I never had to play devil’s advocate.”

Cruz and his roommate from Princeton–a black student from Jamaica–would tag team against Dershowitz’s leftist perspective and finish each other’s sentences. Dershowitz also observed that Cruz’s politics at the time as “clear, principled, unwavering and very intelligently presented.”

Dershowitz admitted that he received a lot of criticism from the left for calling Cruz one of his smartest students.

“I’m a professor,” Dershowitz said. “I have to tell the truth about my students, even if I disagree with their views. Even if I’m not going to vote for him, I’m not going to change history and pretend that this brilliant student was anything but.”

Radio giant Rush Limbaugh played the audio of Dershowitz’s appearance of “The Kelly File” on his Wednesday radio show, and commented that it’s an “effective testimony” to prove that Cruz is exactly who he says he is.

“It’s validation, confirmation from somebody that doesn’t agree with Cruz in any way, shape, manner, or form,” Limbaugh said. “And it debunks all the caricatures that are out there of Cruz from the left, somebody who many leftist Democrats, Dershowitz, they admire to the hilt. “

(h/t: The Right Scoop)

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