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‘DEPLORABLE’: NY Daily News’ Cover Ties Ivanka To Gaza Violence

The New York Daily News is experiencing backlash in response to the release of its new cover, which features a smiling Ivanka Trump gesturing to a photoshopped-in image of an injured Palestinian from the violence on the Gaza strip.

On Monday, in response to the ceremony for the opening of the new U.S. embassy in Jerusalem, Hamas-led Palestinian protesters rioted at the Israel-Gaza border, prompting the Israel Defense Forces to strike a number of Hamas targets. According to the Hamas-run health ministry, dozens of Palestinians were killed as a result of the IDF’s response. Among those killed were three terrorists who tried to plant a bomb on the border.

In its promotion of an early look at its Tuesday cover on Twitter, the Daily News provided a one-word comment that aptly described its own cover: “Deplorable.”

The headline reads, “Daddy’s Little Ghoul: 55 slaughtered in Gaza, but Ivanka all smiles at Jerusalem embassy unveil.”

If the Daily News was trying to cause a stir, it certainly succeeded. The reaction online was strong, including from Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro and Fox News’ Brit Hume:

In an op-ed for The Daily Wire, Shapiro slammed the left-wing media for acting as “the propaganda arm” for the Hamas terrorist organization, who planned and led the violent protests and terrorist activity on Monday.

A few other examples of the blowback online:

​And of course there were many who bought the Daily News’ “Hamas-as-victims” and “Trumps-as-murderers” rhetoric:

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