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Democrats Use Colorado Mass Shooting To Spark Renewed Calls For Gun Control
WASHINGTON, DC - MARCH 23: U.S. President Joe Biden delivers remarks about Monday's mass shooting in Boulder, Colorado, in the State Dining Room at the White House on March 23, 2021 in Washington, DC. Ten people were shot and killed at the King Soopers grocery store in Boulder and police have charged Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa of Arvada, a suburb of Denver, with first-degree murder. This massacre comes less than a week after another mass shooting killed eight people — six of them women of Asian descent — at three spas in the Atlanta area.
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As The Daily Wire reported earlier this week, “Ten people were killed in a tragedy that unfolded in a grocery store in Boulder, Colorado on Monday afternoon after a man walked into a King Soopers store and opened fire.”

Democratic Colorado Gov. Jared Polis released the following statement after the tragedy:

Today, ten lives were tragically lost, including Boulder Police Officer Eric Talley. Officer Talley served more than ten years with the Boulder Police Department and tragically lost his life at the age of 51 while working to save the lives of others.

And tonight, the families of these victims, our fellow Coloradans, my neighbors, are hearing the devastating news that their loved one who simply woke up and went to work this morning, or who ran out to pick up eggs, won’t be coming home. Our community anxiously awaits more information on the victims, hoping it’s not our friends, coworkers and neighbors but knowing in our tight knit community it will be, and even if we don’t personally know them, we all mourn their senseless killing and our sense of safety in our local grocery store.

This year we have all been surrounded by loss of life, illness and isolation, and the deep grief that has accompanied the loss of life as we knew it. As spring sprung this weekend, and vaccines continue to get into arms, lightness creeped back in only for the darkness to descend on us again today. Today we saw the face of evil. I am grieving with my community and all Coloradans.

In response to the attack, multiple Democrats have advocated for further gun control efforts.

Joe Biden

As The Daily Wire reported, “President Joe Biden made a brief statement, Tuesday morning, addressing the mass shooting in Boulder, Colorado, and pledging to press forward with gun ‘reform’ measures, including a ban on so-called ‘assault weapons,’ and a ban on ‘high capacity magazines.’”

“I don’t need to wait another minute, let alone an hour, to take common-sense steps that will save lives in the future,” Biden said.

“We can ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines in this country once again,” he added. “I got that done when I was a senator. It passed, it was the law for the longest time and it brought down these mass killings. We should do it again.”

“This is not — it should not be — a partisan issue. This is an American issue,” Biden continued. “It will save lives, American lives. We have to act.”

Barack Obama

“It is long past time for those with the power to fight this epidemic of gun violence to do so. It will take time to root out the disaffection, racism and misogyny that fuels so many of these senseless acts of violence,” former President Barack Obama said in a statement. 

“But we can make it harder for those with hate in their hearts to buy weapons of war. We can overcome opposition by cowardly politicians and the pressure of a gun lobby that opposes any limit on the ability of anyone to assemble an arsenal. We can, and we must,” Obama said

Chuck Schumer

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said on Tuesday that he would “press Senate Democrats to move forward with the House bills.” The Democrat-led House of Representatives is “set to consider a pair of gun reform measures, limiting who can buy a gun and addressing the ‘gun show loophole’ that Democrats claim allows individuals to purchase weapons without licenses or background checks from certain sellers at certain events.”

Gavin Newsom

California Governor Gavin Newsom tweeted, saying “2 mass shootings in one week. At least 10 dead today in Boulder. Our hearts ache tonight for all those impacted.”

“We need to come to terms with our gun safety laws in this country. Every day more lives are lost to senseless violence. We need national commonsense gun laws. Now,” he added.

Andrew Cuomo

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo also tweeted, saying “New York weeps with the nation tonight. After Sandy Hook we said: Let this terrible tragedy finally be the wake-up call for action. And we said it again. And again.”

“As the years go by, the death count goes up—and still nothing happens. We need NATIONAL gun safety laws. Now,” he continued.

Chris Murphy

Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) called for gun control in the aftermath of the shooting in Boulder, tweeting “This is the moment to make our stand. NOW.”

“Today, our movement is stronger than the gun lobby. They are weak. We are potent,” he continued.

“Finally, a President and a Congress that supports gun reform. No more Newtowns. No more Parklands. No more Boulders. Now – we make our stand.”

Dick Durbin

Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) described gun violence in the United States as a “public health crisis,” and asked for “a moment of action. A moment of real caring.”

“Prayer leaders have their important place in this, but we are Senate leaders. What are we doing?” he said. “We won’t solve this crisis with prosecutions after funerals. We need prevention before shooting.”

Richard Blumenthal

Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) added that “inaction has made this horror completely predictable. Inaction by this Congress makes us complicit.”

“Without access to the weapon, the Atlanta shooter is just a racist and misogynist. But armed with a firearm, purchased that very day, he is a monster. A mass murderer. A disturbed man going into a grocery store yesterday, armed with a weapon of war, can kill with the brutal efficiency and speed meant for combat,” he said.

Elizabeth Warren

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) tweeted, “Week after week, month after month, year after year – the gun violence doesn’t end. And things won’t get better until Democrats get rid of the filibuster and finally pass gun safety legislation that a huge majority of Americans support. What are we waiting for – another tragedy?”

Julián Castro

Former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Julián Castro, also called for the end of the filibuster.

“Less than two weeks ago the House passed critical gun safety legislation,” he tweeted.

“It’s time we end the filibuster, pass it in the Senate, and better protect our communities from this violence.”

Katherine Clark

Assistant Speaker of the House Katherine Clark (D-MA) wrote “No more obstruction. No more excuses. #GunControlNow.”

Mazie Hirono

Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-HI) wrote “Another week, another unspeakable tragedy—this time 10 lives lost in Boulder. While we mourn those lost, we can’t become numb to the ever growing toll of gun violence in our country,” on Twitter.

“Instead, let’s channel our anger and grief into action on gun safety. Let’s pass H.R. 8. Now,” she added.

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