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Democrats Start Calling Themselves ‘Nasty Women’

By  Frank Camp

During the final moments of Wednesday’s presidential debate, Donald Trump called Hillary Clinton a “nasty woman” after she made a joke about him not paying his taxes. Within minutes, #NastyWoman lit up Twitter as social justice warriors decried the attack as “sexist!”

As Daily Wire noted Thursday, Trump’s pejorative–whether or not it’s an appropriate term for a presidential candidate to use–cannot be called “sexist,” as the GOP nominee has used the term “nasty” to describe multiple men, including Senator Ted Cruz, a Washington Post reporter, and even the president of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission.

Nevertheless, Clinton supporters rushed to their keyboards to label themselves “Nasty Women” in solidarity with their queen:

In a flash, the “Nasty Woman” crowd turned Trump’s insult into an opportunity to benefit Planned Parenthood. Google Ghost began selling t-shirts with the words “Nasty Woman” written inside a red heart.

The tees are being sold for $25 a pop, and according to the site, “50% of proceeds from these shirts will go to Planned Parenthood,” because “seriously, f*** Trump.”

As of Friday morning, more than 10,000 orders had been placed for “Nasty Woman” t-shirts, meaning at least $125,000 will be donated to Planned Parenthood, which could pay for as many as 400 abortions.

Considering Hillary Clinton’s diehard support for late-term abortion, a medical procedure in which an infant’s limbs are torn from its torso, and its head is crushed, “nasty woman” seems as if it may be too kind a label.

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