Democrats Sit On Their Butts To Protest Gun Control, Nobody Cares Except Media


On Wednesday, House Democrats decided to threaten Americans with sitting around doing nothing to protest lack of unconstitutional gun control. The threat of elderly overweight politicians sitting on the floor, however, did not achieve its desired purpose. Shockingly, Americans didn’t actually care that people were sitting around in a chamber in which those people normally sit around doing nothing.

Nonetheless, the absurd decision to “sit-in” on the floor of Congress in order to protest Republican unwillingness to gut the Fifth Amendment “due process” clause has picked up steam in the press. According to Joe Perticone of IJReview, reporters spent most of the afternoon asking Democratic Congresspeople just how heroic they were on a scale of moon landing to Normandy:

Nobody really bothered to ask how it comported with “due process” to strip people of their Second Amendment right to purchase firearms based on an arbitrary and non-transparent FBI process that places you on a terror watch list. When Perticone did ask, he wasn’t given an answer:

Leading the charge was Rep. John Lewis (D-GA), who said the Democrats wouldn’t leave the floor of the House anytime soon:

He also tweeted a brilliant mixed metaphor:

No explanation as to whether we ought to be turn signals or rear defrosters. But the Obama administration summarily determined that Lewis’ bravery for sitting on his ass near other Democrats sitting on their asses was breathtaking:

The White House, it appears, was excited that Lewis is leading from his behind.

Ironically enough, Lewis was placed on the no-fly list; according to his Congressional office, over the course of one year he was “held up 35 to 40 times. Despite reaching out to a number of federal agencies over that period,” CNN reported back in December, “Lewis’ name had remained on a list.”

Now Lewis wants to use that same list to prevent anyone from buying a gun.

The best comment went to Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY):

Whoa. Kali-Maaaaaaa!

This tactic is destined to fail for a couple of reasons.

First, it’s difficult to threaten Americans with a strike when Americans don’t want you to do your job. You can’t pressure me with a threat to strike against punching me in the groin – I don’t want you to punch me in the groin. And Democrats can’t strike against passing laws – I don’t want them to pass laws.

Second, it’s hard to make the case that you’re sitting-in for taking away a civil right. It’s one thing to sit at segregated lunch counters to encourage the state to remove Jim Crow laws. It’s another to slather on the Preparation H and sit on the padded carpet of the Congress to tell Americans that the FBI can, without evidence, remove your Constitutional rights.

But for the media, any leftist crusade is a civil rights crusade. So they celebrate.

But Democrats won’t accomplish much. And if they think Americans will willingly ignore the jihadist rationale behind Orlando in favor of focusing on geriatric tubsters flat on their butts for gun control, they’ve got another think coming.

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