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Democrats Respond To Bestseller Blank Book ‘Reasons To Vote Democrats’ With Their Own Version. It Fails Dramatically.

By  Amanda Prestigiacomo

Daily Wire Cultural Correspondent Michael Knowles hit Epic Troll levels when he released an entirely blank book called Reasons to Vote for Democrats: A Comprehensive Guide. The book sold like wildfire, becoming Amazon’s top seller worldwide in a matter of one short month and garnered coverage from Fox News, CNN, The Washington Post, The Hill, and elsewhere.

In other words, the clever prank was a massive success.

Enter: Democrats.

Leftists, fresh out of their own ideas, reiterated the exact same concept into a blank book called Reasons to Vote for Republicans: A Captivating Interpretation, which was released on Thursday.

“In an unapologetically forthright fashion, this book concisely expresses the author’s opinion of every prominent reason to vote for Republicans,” reads the book’s description.

Clever stuff.

Unsurprisingly, the book has been a dramatic failure; earning only one out of five stars on Amazon and ranking number 45,023 in overall sales. And the reviews—my goodness they are brutal.

“Exemplifies today’s Democratic Party. No ideas, so just repackage a Republican idea. Keep trying. Lol,” wrote Joe Langley, giving the book one star.

“Just a sad, soulless response to the Democrat spoof book by Knowles. More proof that the left has truly run out of ideas,” said Stuyvesant, also granting the book one star.

Another Amazon customer wrote: “Pretty much stole an idea with no original spin on it…shamelessly.”

“A knock-off, hack job. Unoriginal to the core. Precisely what you would expect from those who left their sense of humor at the door,” read another one star review.

Matthew T. said Reasons to Vote for Republicans is “just a sad, dishonest, pathetic copy” of Knowles’s book. (Fact check: True)

“This book is an uninspired and unimaginative copy and not only clearly took no time or effort to create and has no endorsements, but should get negative points for the sole creative idea, composition, and presentation being unapologetically stolen,” he wrote. “Please don’t buy it, it could have been humorous if it came first, but now it’s just a sad, dishonest, pathetic copy.”

As if this past election weren’t evidence enough of turmoil for the Democrats, The Party of Cool can’t even properly respond to a blank book. Sad!

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