As Democrats Push Mob Mentality, Media Repeatedly Insist There’s No Such Thing As A Democratic Mob


Over the past few days, President Trump has rightly singled out high-ranking Democratic support for a mob mentality. Speaking in Iowa, President Trump told a crowd of 9,000 that the Democrats were an “angry mob” pushing “policies of anger, division and destruction.” He explained, “You don’t hand matches to an arsonist and you don’t give power to an angry left-wing mob, and that’s what the Democrats are.”

Democrats accurately fired back that Trump has spent much of his political career operating off of anger, and that he hasn’t been averse to using violent rhetoric when it seems useful. But that’s just a form of whataboutism, and an insufficient response to the Democrats’ open embrace of mobbing over the past few weeks. In the last 24 hours alone, Hillary Clinton has called for an end to civility with Republicans, former attorney general Eric Holder has said, “When they go low, we kick them,” and Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-HI) has refused to push back against Leftist activists who confront Republicans in restaurants.

Those latest examples follow hard on Democrats like Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) openly encouraging confrontation in public spaces with Republicans.

Americans can see the effect of Democrats’ decision to tut-tut mobs. We can see it in the thousands of people who showed up to occupy the Senate Hart Building in order to harass senators. We can see it in the mobs braying and pounding against the doors of the Supreme Court. We can see it in the groups who have hounded Republicans ranging from Ted Cruz to Kirstjen Nielsen to Sarah Huckabee Sanders to Mitch McConnell in public spaces.

But the media are now engaging in a rather incredible gaslighting tactic: they’re claiming that even as top Democrats wink and nod at the mob, there’s no such thing as a Leftist mob. Thus, CNN’s Brooke Baldwin reacted with utter incredulity at the idea that mobs had anything to do with the Brett Kavanaugh saga:

CNN’s Don Lemon did the same, yelling at anyone who would claim that Democrats were acting in moblike fashion:

The Washington Post ran with this headline: “An angry mob’: Republicans work to recast Democratic protests as out-of-control anarchy.” It doesn’t take that much work, actually:

These same members of the media were more than happy to label the Tea Party a mob repeatedly – and Democrats characterized the Tea Party as terrorists repeatedly as well.

According to many members of the media, there is no such thing as a Left-wing mob – those are just angry people. And there is no such thing as a Right-wing protest – there are only angry, racist mobs. For those who didn’t believe in media bias, this week’s “mob” controversy should be an eye-opener.

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