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Democrats Kick Out Their Last Pro-Life Congressman

By  Paul Bois

The Democratic Party has eliminated from their ranks the last prominent pro-lifer, officially solidifying the abortion “litmus test” put in place by Democratic Party chairman Tom Perez.

According to LifeSiteNews, Rep. Dan Lipinski stood with Democrats on virtually every social issue, including “voting to fund military ‘sex change’ surgeries, and ending his opposition to gay ‘marriage,'” but still could not solidify the party’s endorsement for his candidacy.

“Lipinski, who represents Illinois’s third district, faces massive opposition from his party establishment and the abortion lobby during his seat’s Democratic primary next month,” reports LifeSiteNews.

Lipinski has no shot against his challenger, Marie Newman, who stands with the Democrats’ left-wing agenda on virtually every issue. She has been endorsed by EMILY’s List, NARAL Pro-Choice America,, Human Rights Campaign, Gloria Steinem, and Planned Parenthood.

EMILY’s List said Lipinski’s opposition to abortion “has put women’s reproductive health care in jeopardy.” #VoteProChoice said “there’s only one real Democrat in this race and that’s Marie Newman.”

Despite having already served in Congress for two years, Lipinski’s fellow Illinois Reps. Kan Schakowsky and Luís Gutierrez have both endorsed his opponent.

Father Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, said this move by the Democrats to jettison the most prominent pro-lifer from their ranks solidifies their abortion platform.

“The fact that the Democratic party will not endorse him does not surprise me, however, because it is consistent with their radical alliance with the abortion industry,” said Pavone. “The party platform issued in 2016 was worse than ever in its support of killing children in the womb and making taxpayers fund it. In this, the party elites are far out of step with the grassroots.”

The abortion litmus test was put in place by the Clinton machine back in 1992 when they rescinded Governor Robert Casey’s invitation to speak at the convention.

Following the election of President Trump, debates began circling in the Democratic Party as to whether they should allow a diversity of voices on the issue to avoid alienating voters. Kristen Day, executive chairwoman of Democrats for Life, told The Washington Times back in August of last year that if the Democrats continue treating abortion like an inviolable sacrament, they will continue to lose elections and seats to Republicans.

“I think it’s become much more hard-line now. What happened is the pro-choice Democrats kinda felt like Hillary Clinton is going to win, and they made the abortion platform more radical. But what they didn’t realize is they alienated pro-life Democrats who didn’t vote for her,” she said.

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