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Democrat Sheriff Refuses To Give Deputies Rifle-Resistance Vests Due To Immigration Policies

In Texas, Democrat Travis County Sheriff Sally Hernandez is punishing her sheriff’s deputies by refusing to give them state-funded bulletproof vests designed to stop rifle rounds because she refuses to hold arrested illegal aliens for federal immigration authorities so they can be processed for deportation.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced in January that Texas would fund $23 million in grants to purchase new vests for approximately 450 law enforcement agencies around the state. KXAN-TV reports:

Travis County did not apply for the grant because one condition from the governor’s office required the agency to “sign a letter confirming compliance with ICE detainer requests both now and during the grant term of at least one year,” according to Travis County Commissioner’s Court records.

The recommendations from the state said, “It is anticipated the number of fatal shootings will be reduced by equipping more officers with type III & IV body armor.”

In the spring of 2017, Texas lawmakers passed SB 4, which forces county sheriffs to comply with federal immigration authorities’ orders to hold illegal aliens so they can be processed for deportation. Opponents of the law have taken it to the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, where they are currently awaiting a decision after filing a lawsuit. KXAN-TV adds:

However, the governor’s office can require agencies to honor ICE detainers whether SB 4 is upheld or not. In short, the grants are from the governor’s office and Abbott can decide what the requirements are to apply.

Hernandez would rather play politics with the lives of the men and women who protect Travis County by choosing to prioritize the rights of people breaking the law over the lives of police officers. KXAN-TV notes that Hernandez has refused to comment on her decision and that the four county commissioners and Judge Sarah Eckhart also have refused to comment on the decision.


Travis County Sheriff Sally Hernandez refuses to give her deputies rifle-resistance vests funded by the state because she would have to commit to holding arrested illegal aliens for deportation.

This Democrat sheriff is putting the lives of criminals over the lives of police.

— Ryan Saavedra (@RealSaavedra) March 5, 2018

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