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Dem Congressional Candidate Has Spent Decades Pushing For Population Control

CORRECTIONS: A previous version of this article suggested that Democratic candidate Scott Wallace headed up the Wallace Global Fund when it gave millions to the Population Connection Action Fund. Wallace took over the fund in late 2003, after the fund donated to the group, as PolitiFact noted. That fact has been clarified below. The title of this piece has also been changed to clarify that Wallace has not publicly endorsed the taxation of those with more than two children.

A millionaire Democrat running for U.S. Congress in Pennsylvania has spent decades promoting population control and heads up a fund that over the last two decades reportedly gave $7 million to groups pushing a radical measure to keep population growth at “zero.”

As a challenger to U.S. Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick for the 1st Congressional District of Pennsylvania, Scott Wallace has received endorsements from both Planned Parenthood and the National Organization for Women (NOW). He’s also received a glowing endorsement from the Population Connection Action Fund for having “spent his adult life working to expand access to family planning and reproductive health to people throughout the developing world.”

On his campaign site, Wallace proudly touts his commitment to the issue of population control, which he describes as one of the two “driving factors” causing conflict in the world:

Two fundamental drivers of conflict are population growth and climate change – issues which my wife, Christy, and I have spent decades working to mitigate. Adding another billion people to the planet, while allowing climate change to flood vast swaths of low-lying land, from Miami to Manhattan to Bangladesh – or to ruin vast arable lands with drought, fire and deforestation – is a recipe for mass migration, refugees, political upheaval, competition for scarce life-sustaining resources, and ultimately violent conflict. The most important things we can do to avoid conflict and global war is to intelligently manage these twin pressures of unchecked population growth and climate-driven devastation.

In 2003, Wallace took over his family’s charitable foundation, the Wallace Global Fund, which has given $7 million since 1997 to groups promoting abortion and population control, including the Population Connection Action Fund, Fox News reports. Population Connection used to go by the name Zero Population Growth (ZPG) and was co-founded by “Population Bomb” author Paul Ehrlich. Between 1997 and 2003, the Wallace Global Fund gave ZPG $420,000. Fox News provides some more background on ZPG:

The group, shortly after being founded in 1968, released a brochure advocating abortion to stabilize population growth and claimed that “no responsible family should have more than two children.” To deal with larger families, it also called for families to be “taxed to the hilt” for “irresponsible breeding.”

It also blamed the overpopulation on the “white middle-class” that “use up more than their share of resources and do more than their share of polluting” and urged them to “voluntarily limit their families to two children.”

In 2010, under the leadership of Wallace, the Wallace Global Fund gave $20,000 to the Center for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy, which has an executive board member named Herman Daly who advocates for a coercive two-child policy requiring families to buy licenses if they have more.

When confronted by Fox News with such population control extremism, Wallace’s campaign communications director Zoe Wilson-Meyer avoided addressing the issue directly, choosing to emphasize only Wallace’s support for abortion.

“The Wallace Global Fund has for decades been a leader in helping women gain access to family planning,” Wilson-Meyer said in a statement to Fox. “Former Co-Chair Scott Wallace is proud of the work of grantees like Planned Parenthood in empowering women and protecting reproductive rights and will stand up for Pennsylvania women.”

Wallace’s connection to Planned Parenthood goes back a long way; his mother once worked for one affiliate in Bucks County and he bragged about it on his site.

“While we have made great strides since my mother’s time at Planned Parenthood of Bucks County, women’s rights are under attack everyday (sic). With the entire Congress and the White House under far-right, anti-choice control, it is more important than ever to protect Planned Parenthood’s work and the great value they deliver to the women of America,” Wallace said in a statement online.

Sounds like a real winner of a candidate.

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