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DELUSIONAL: MSNBC Anchor Joy Reid Says The Democrats Only Look Bad Because The Media Loves Republicans

By  Ben Shapiro

On Monday, following Democrats’ failed attempt to shut down the government in order to pressure Republicans into re-enshrining President Obama’s executive amnesty, MSNBC anchor Joy Reid took to Twitter to express her outrage. And she blamed . . . the Republican-leaning media.

Yes, seriously.

Now, in case you were wondering if Reid is living in an alternative universe, she is: just 7% of journalists identify as Republicans, as opposed to 18% in 2002 and 26% in 1971. And according to the Harvard Kennedy School Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics, and Public Policy, the press coverage of President Trump has been unprecedentedly nasty: in the first 100 days of his administration, CNN and NBC covered bad news for Trump at a 13-1 rate over good news. That rate was paralleled by other left-leaning outlets.

But while Reid was falsifying nonsense about Republican bias in the media, she was excited about the outcome of the shutdown: according to Reid, the Democrats won the shutdown.

Again, yes, seriously.

Again, this is patently nuts. Schumer won nothing. Republicans wanted to re-fund CHIP anyway — they’ve been trying to do it for months, with Democrats obstructing at every step. Republicans are now the nearly sole sponsors of a highly popular program they just re-funded for six additional years. And Democrats tried to stop it.

Beyond that, Democrats lost whatever leverage they had for another shutdown. If they try to shut down the government in February, they’ll be asked what has changed since January. If they don’t, their base will go nuts. But at least Joy Reid will still be there for them, hacking away for her friends in the Party.

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