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DEBUNKED: Media Theory Trump Is ISIS Recruitment Tool

One of the most extraordinary and provable lies the political left and mainstream media have engaged in for well over a year, but especially in the wake of President Trump keeping his more-popular-than-not campaign promise to temporarily ban immigration from failed terrorist states, is this idea that tough talk and policies serve as a recruitment tool for ISIS.

Here is a Google News list from just the past 24 hours — so-called serious news outlets spreading the outrageous lie that Trump is an ISIS recruitment tool. Here are the top tweets of others spreading similar lies, including those who should know better, like a former CIA deputy director.

And here’s a quote you might remember:

“It is the war of every Muslim in every place…the war of the people of faith against the people of disbelief.”

The quote above is from ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi — not from yesterday, not from last week, not from sometime during the 2016 campaign, but all the way back in 2015.

And who was president in 2015? No less than Barack Obama, a Chief Executive so soft on terror he could not even bring himself to utter the words “Radical Islamic Terrorism.” A man so soft on terror, he handed two countries over to ISIS: Libya, which is now a failed state; and Iraq, a country where we had won the war.

If words or policy in some way inspire ISIS recruitment, why then did ISIS become ISIS under President Obama, a commander-in-chief who opened his presidency with a ’round-the-world apology tour in a number of Muslim-majority nations?

If words or policy in some way inspire ISIS, why is ISIS relentlessly hitting France and Germany with attacks, two countries that have rolled over like whipped dogs for Muslim immigrants?

What actually does inspire recruitment for terrorists are two things: vacuums, like the one Obama needlessly left in Libya and Iraq; and victories, like the ones a number of weak countries, including the United States, have allowed ISIS to enjoy.

Something else that inspires ISIS is the ability to sneak their fighters into America under a failed immigration and refugee system. Here are some truly staggering government numbers our Fake News MSM dare not report.

Please note this is all pre-Trump:

For the period September 2001 through 2014, data shows the U.S. successfully prosecuted 580 individuals for terrorism and terror-related cases. Further, since early 2014, at least 131 individuals were identified as being implicated in terror.

Across both those groups, the senators reported that at least 40 people initially admitted to the U.S. as refugees later were convicted or implicated in terror cases.

Among the 580 convicted, they said, at least 380 were foreign-born. The top countries of origin were Pakistan, Lebanon and Somalia, as well as the Palestinian territories.

Even before Trump’s refugee pause, 380 foreign-born terrorists were convicted in this country.

Ready for The Big Truth:

Specifically, they show a sharp spike in cases in 2015, largely stemming from the arrest of suspects claiming allegiance to the Islamic State.

Now riddle me this…

When Obama suspended the refugee program in Iraq for 6 months, where were all the cries about that act increasing ISIS recruitment?

There were none, because the media never reported that Obama had suspended the refugee program. If our media knew about it, they covered it up to protect The Precious.

What has always emboldened and energized Islamic terrorists against the Great Satan America is our liberal culture. What these terrorists cannot stand is that we treat women and gays and religious minorities equally — all in violation of how they read the Quran.

Therefore, if anything over the last 10 days inspired ISIS recruitment, it was viral video of Ashley Judd, Madonna, and thousands of harpies running around in pussy-hats and cardboard vaginas.

If there are truly concerned with ISIS recruitment, why wasn’t the MSM warning about that?

You see, everyone with a brain knows that if it isn’t a pussy-hat or a pause in refugees or Israel, it would be something else…

Evil’s always going to find an excuse to evil. And the desperate and weak-minded susceptible to being recruited will always be in possession of a trigger that can be pulled by a manipulative ISIS recruiter — you know, like all those virgins at your disposal after you blow yourself up.

The corrupt national media knows this. But because they are left-wing activists eager to change the behavior of others to fit their simpering worldview, they whip out the emotional blackmail of, “This is why the terrorists hate us.”

Liars to the core. All of them.

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