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Dear Meryl Streep: Even If He Did (He Didn’t), Who Cares If Trump Mocked a Disabled Reporter?

By  John

Don’t worry, this is not going to be an “Open Letter to Meryl Streep.” We all know open letters are gay, and other than wearing a headband while lip-synching to Loverboy, nothing I do is gay. So just relax, sit back, and prepare yourselves for the fact that I am about to do two things…

1) Prove that Trump did not mock a crippled New York Times reporter. Yes, Shrill-Meryl and her media are lying to you … again.

2) Make the case that even if Trump did mock a reporter’s disability, no one should care. In fact, what Hillary Clinton, Democrats, Hollywood, and their MSM regularly do is much worse.

Y’all ready?

Let’s rawk.

Exonerating Trump is the easy part. As you will see in the videos linked below, the mannerism our President-elect used to mock New York Times reporter Serge F. Kovaleski, is Trump’s go-to impersonation, and has been for decades.




Ann Coulter’s column on this from back in August is a slam dunk in the art of debunkery.

No one capable of independent thought can click the four links above and come to any conclusion other than the lying national media, Democrats, and Meryl Streep are framing Trump for a crime he did not commit.

He just didn’t do it.


But for the sake of argument, let’s enter an alternate universe where Trump did mock this reporter’s disability.

Are you ready for a shocker?

I still wouldn’t care.

You see, I have a very simple rule when it comes to mocking others: Everyone is fair game except those without the power to fight back.

Wanna know why that is one of my rules? Because I am what is known as an American and — whether it is the Pope, a president, a movie star, a journalist, a business tycoon, a pundit, or a billionaire running for office — we Americans believe in ridiculing the Powerful. Most importantly, we Americans believe in ridiculing the fascist, bullying rules the Powerful fabricate to control us — rules like, Thou Shalt Not Mock a Powerful Reporter’s Disability. And …

You don’t get much more powerful than a New York Times reporter (a thoroughly corrupt and dishonest one, I should add). Regardless of his crippled hand, this is an individual who possesses extraordinary powers to fight back with. And he did. And most of the MSM held his coat for him or piled on. And let us never forget that all of this so-called “fighting back” was based on a lie — was politically motivated in the hopes that it would make Hillary Clinton president.

And then there is the hypocrisy from these people.

Holy freakin’ moly …

Many of the very same elites lying to you about Trump mocking this reporter are themselves serially-guilty of ridiculing the physical attributes of others, including those with disabilities: George W. Bush probably has dyslexia, which was mocked incessantly. Trump’s weight, hair, New York accent, and mouth are constant targets of ridicule. Chris Christie’s weight, Sarah Palin’s accent, Paul Ryan’s nerdiness, Ronald Reagan’s age and forgetfulness …

And then there is this tiny but I think rather important fact …

Look at who the Left regularly bullies …

The powerless.

Say what you want about Trump, but unlike Democrats and their media, at least he picks on people his own size.

FACT: Hillary Clinton attacked everyday Americans as irredeemable deplorables.

FACT: Barack Obama smeared everyday people as bitter clingers and racists.

FACT: The Left created a cottage industry to mock Trig Palin, a Down Syndrome infant.

FACT: Rosie O’Donnell attacked Trump’s young son Baron. She only apologized after being threatened by a lawsuit.

FACT: To sell books and make a political point, Lena Dunham and Random House falsely accused an innocent family man of rape.

FACT: A pizza parlor minding its own business was goaded by a reporter into taking a position on same sex marriage, and was then bullied out of business by the national media and the Left’s flying monkey army of Social Justice Warriors.

FACT: A nobody on Twitter (with fewer than 200 followers) made a stupid joke and had her life torn apart (with BuzzFeed leading the charge) while she sat clueless and defenseless on an overseas flight.

FACT: How often does Hollywood ridicule the way Southerners look and talk?

So while all of this evil is going on, I’m supposed to get all weepy because a lying piece of garbage with gallons of ink at his disposal had his hand made fun of?

Yeah, no.

Truth be told, I might be more troubled by such a thing were I not living in a world where I wasn’t constantly being bullied into being appropriately offended; into speaking, thinking, and reacting only in ways pre-approved by my Betters.

Something I absolutely adore about Trump is how liberating he is in this respect.

Our new president is a walking-talking screw you to these hectoring puritans. Everything about him is Rodney Dangerfield vs. Ted Knight in “Caddyshack” — a relentless pushback against the despotic, politically correct fascism mercilessly policed by brainless Hollywood celebrities and fascist media corporations — all of whom lie.

And they are lying to you about this. Because all they do is lie.

P.S. I personally would never make fun of someone’s disability. But people do all kinds of things I would never do — engage in loveless sex, eat guacamole, pretend Meryl Streep’s acting meter didn’t break in 1995 — but until it interferes with what I want to do (which primarily involves TV and Loverboy), or the rights of others, I just don’t care.

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