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David Portnoy Produces Messages From His Accusers Casting Doubt On Business Insider Article
Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy visits SiriusXM Studios on November 14, 2017 in New York City.
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Barstool Sports founder David Portnoy produced messages from the women who accused him of rough-but-consensual sex in a Business Insider article earlier this month that cast doubt on the article’s central claims that Portnoy is an abuser.

In a livestream presented on Thursday, Portnoy showed messages from the women after their sexual encounter with him showing they either wanted to see him again or admitting that the narrative that the sex was somehow not consensual is false. The two accusers were given pseudonyms of Allison and Madison but Portnoy was able to figure out who they were based on bare details provided in the Business Insider article.

He produced messages from Allison where she told him: “really want to see you” and that she “would do anything.” After the two had sex, Allison again messaged Portnoy, asking what he was up to that day and asking “can we bang”? A day later, Portnoy asked her how the “bragging” went and Allison responded: “Amazing I got the word around too,” adding a winking emoji. She later said she was “in shock that ur still dming me [right now]… like whats up dave portnoy.”

As for the other accuser, Madison, Portnoy produced replies she made to comments on a TikTok video she made where she stated: “The article never said the sex wasn’t consensual” and “nobody said he was a rapist.”

Of course, the facts don’t matter in stories like this. The damage to Portnoy’s image is already done, and the reporter who wrote the story was rewarded with a staff position at Business Insider.

As The Daily Wire previously reported, Portnoy said he was suspended briefly from Twitter after posting a response he received from Business Insider editor-in-chief Nicholas Carlson. Portnoy had emailed Carlson asking him to appear on Portnoy’s podcast to discuss the article, but Carlson declined. Portnoy posted this response and says he was suspended from Twitter for 12 hours.

As The Daily Wire also reported, Portnoy went on Fox News Monday night to himself and say that “it’s guilty until proven innocent” in America these days.

“They won’t even discuss it. They print and run. They print and run. It’s disgusting and it’s character assassination,” Portnoy said. “My lawyers have said just let it go, it’ll go away. I’m not going to let it go because this is, this behavior, I’ve never been attacked like this. I’ve been attacked for two decades, but never escalated to this length and, frankly, it’s scary. I didn’t know that you could do this.”

One woman claimed Portnoy flew her to his house but when they had sex she felt like “a human sex doll.” She later texted a friend saying Portnoy was rough. She said she screamed for Portnoy to stop.

From The Daily Wire:

In a video posted to Twitter on Thursday, Portnoy said that her version of events was “not true.” Portnoy was able to identify the girl because she said she slept on the couch for the rest of her visit. That was one of the few details about her story that Portnoy said was accurate.

“I can say this unequivocally, she came, she flew, we did have pizza, hung out, hooked up. At no point during it, at no point was it not 100% consensual. At no point did she ask me to stop. At no point did either of us think something unseemly happened. There was no weirdness after. It was totally fine, normal interaction. Sexual, 100% consensual,” Portnoy said.

As for the second accuser, Portnoy denied her allegations and produced messages from the girl he believed to be the accuser, which showed she asked to meet up with him again.

“But I can’t stop a he said, she said so, yeah, it’s f***ing scary and it sucks and it’s sad that that’s the world we live in. This isn’t a court of law until it’s innocent until proven guilty,” Portnoy said. “No charges ever have been filed, probably won’t unless I’m provoking right now, but there’s no way to do it because I’ve never done anything. But with media and Business Insider, which doesn’t give a f*** about destroying lives, or who they’re affecting right now, or their reputation. It’s guilty until proven innocent.”

“It’s actually f***ing scary because people can basically say whatever they want and, like, this is going to be the new narrative, ‘Dave Portnoy is a rapist.’ It is 100% false. There is not an ounce of credibility to it,” Portnoy added.

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