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Dave Rubin’s Message To Liberal Professors: They’ll Destroy You, Too

When it comes to having a free and open debate on today’s hottest issues, Dave Rubin walks the walk.

The host of “The Rubin Report” has interviewed some of the biggest names in conservative circles. Think Thomas Sowell, Greg Gutfeld and The Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro.

Rubin also has chatted with far-left pundit David Sirota, comic Bob Saget and climate change guru Michael Mann.

So it makes sense that he’s the latest addition to the upcoming film “No Safe Spaces.” The Fall release, spearheaded by podcast king Adam Carolla and conservative talker Dennis Prager, reveals the war on free speech on college campuses nationwide. Right-of-center speakers are under physical assault for simply expressing an opposing point of view. Students call anyone who doesn’t align with their progressive world view “racist,” “Nazi” or worse.

It’s happening now at universities nationwide, and parents are paying a pretty penny to send their children into that hateful cauldron.

“No Safe Spaces” wants to change that. The film recently announced the addition of veteran comic Tim Allen, Jordan Peterson, Cornel West and Van Jones to the list of experts on the subject. That lineup gives the film more ideological balance than you’ll find at most institutions of higher learning.

Now, Rubin joins that eclectic group. In the following exclusive movie clip, Rubin offers a warning for liberal professors who think Antifa and their freedom-snuffing ilk will leave them in peace.

They won’t.

“It will come for you … if you have any spark of individualism in you, if you have any, anything about you that’s interesting or different, they will come to destroy that, too … this is the great fight of our generation.”

Christian Toto is the editor of the conservative entertainment site

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