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Dana Loesch UNLOADS On ‘Flat-Chested’ Trump Supporting Pundit: ‘Who Is This Chick?!’

By  Amanda Prestigiacomo


On Monday, The Blaze’s Dana Loesch lost her ever-loving mind on a Trump-supporting CNN pundit, Kayleigh McEnany. Or, as Loesch endearingly refereed to her over and over again: “This chick.”

McEnany declared that those occupying the Never Trump camp, who base their position on the grounds that presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is not conservative, are the ones who are actually not conservative, only using conservatism as a shield.

“You are not a conservative if you do not support Donald Trump,” said McEnany on CNN. “Where were they with John McCain who was for Cap and Trade, who was against the Bush tax cuts? Where was the ‘Never McCain’ movement? Where were they with Mitt Romney who laid out the blueprint for Obamacare? Where were they leading the ‘Never Romney’ movement? Those movements didn’t exist. …What you have going on here is an elitist establishment that is rejecting their voters that says they know better than their voters.”

Let’s just say Ms. Loesch did not take this well.

The conservative author ended by unleashing “real Dana,” as opposed to “nice Dana,” on McEnany. Loesch even acknowledged her metamorphosis into Donald Trump, unloading with unapologetic personal attacks on the “flat-chested” pundit with “over-done lips.”

Loesch’s main point was simple: She and others who have been in the “fight,” protecting and attempting to advance real conservatism, have every right to oppose Trump based on his lack of such ideology. Loesch and fellow Never Trump folks do not have to answer to McEnany, who, according to Loesch, walked on the scene five minutes ago to advance her career as a talking head with “lip gloss.” (Loesch really doesn’t like when pundits wear lip-gloss, apparently.)

Loesch and fellow Never Trump folks do not have to answer to McEnany, who, according to Loesch, walked on the scene five minutes ago to advance her career as a talking head with “lip gloss.”

Watch for yourself:

“Oh Jesus take the wheel. Take it Jesus. Take the wheel Jesus, it’s Monday,” started Loesch, after hearing the Trump supporter accuse her and others of not being true conservatives. “All right, you can just shut her up,” she said with a straight face.

“Two ways I can do this,” she said. “I can either be real or I can be nice Dana. Which one do ya want? Which one y’all want? You want real or do you want nice? You want real or do you want nice?”

Then the water spills over the pot: “Who the hell is this chick?” asked Loesch. “Who’s this chick? You heard of her before? I never heard of her until a week ago. Who is she? I had to look her up because I didn’t know who she was. And I thought, well surely someone who has established themself as this keeper of the flame, as someone who has established themself as the definer of what is or is not conservatism…surely this person, they have mondo expertise and they’ve been in the trench and they have the bruises and scars to prove it, right?

“Beyond from having her lips overdrawn so she could repeatedly appear on cable news as a talking head for a particular issue, this chick has not been in any sort of battle nor has she ever been on the front line in anything ever,” she added in disgust. “So you can back up, Miss, I don’t know what her name is, Michaela? I don’t know. Back up. Stay in your lane.”

Loesch then laid out her long support and effort to advocate for conservative values, principles and candidates. She added that, contrary to McEnany’s accusation, she and others did speak out about the lack of conservatism in Mitt Romney, John McCain, et. al.

“Where was this chick?” she asked repeatedly. “How dare you? Where was this chick? We have enough of these dilly bar head bleach blonde people out there shrieking about well, you’re not a conservative if you’re not this.”

Getting up from her chair and visibly angered, Loesch let her have it: “Seriously, let’s have this conversation. Where were you several years ago? Because I surely didn’t see you out there from my right or left,” she said. “And baby-cakes, this was more than just going on television and flashing them pearly whites and your flat-chested red dress over sprayed bleach blonde hair while you sit here and preach all this stuff about who is or isn’t a conservative. You like Trump? Let me act like him for a minute. All right? I bet you love me now. Done with this crap. Who do you think you are? You didn’t do the heavy lifting.

“I don’t care how mean I sound. …Don’t want nuthin’ don’t start it,” concluded Loesch.

Whoa. Lesson learned. Don’t mess with Dana.

H/T Daily Caller

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