Dana Loesch Plans To Continue ‘Monetizing The Hate’ With Her Renewed Radio Contract
Photo Courtesy of Dana Loesch

A couple of weeks ago, conservative radio host Dana Loesch signed a new three-year contract with Radio America to continue her syndicated program, “The Dana Show,” which airs weekdays from 12 to 3 p.m. ET. The radio host hopes to attract conservatives who frequently tuned into the late Rush Limbaugh’s show.

“I have made bold decisions throughout my career, and one of them was starting my three-hour talk radio show in the same time-slot as the late, great Rush Limbaugh,” Loesch said in a statement. “I am proud of how far The Dana Show has come, and I am honored to be the choice of so many radio stations across the country. While no one will ever replace Rush, I welcome his loyal listeners to the Dana Show as we maintain his conservative convictions and principles in a fresh, dynamic way that connects with young and old audiences alike — and at a time when America needs it most.”

Although Loesch welcomes new listeners, she said she’s very different from Rush and she’s going to continue doing what she’s always done to distinguish herself from her competition.

“I’ve talked about Rush before. I’m good friends with his family. I’m not trying to fill in for Rush,” Loesch told The Daily Wire. “I’m trying to show you can have fun with political analysis and commentary. It doesn’t have to weigh you down. And it’s fun to, quite honestly, to tie absurdity into things. I want to show it’s not the way forward for conservatives to be angry.”

The radio host, who frequently appears on Fox News, said radio and television are very, very different, but that can be a benefit.

“I love radio. It can be very laid back and relaxed,” Loesch explained. “I can do a deeper dive that you don’t have the time to do in an hour-long television format. I like that aspect.”

The radio host touches on a range of topics, like the Second Amendment, foreign policy, and just how “woke” the military has become. There are also topics that she touches on every single time she’s on air.

“There are things I hit every single day, like anything that has to do with government theft, like taxation, as well as all of the cancel culture stuff,” she said, referring to Dr. Seuss, Mr. Potato Head, and the like.

“‘The trees are racist!’ Everything is racist,” she said sarcastically. “I don’t even know anymore.”

One of the segments that has always been unique to Loesch’s show is her sponsored “Mailbag of Hate,” where she reads emails from those who send her hateful emails, tweets, and Facebook messages. Dana takes the proceeds and buys ammunition.

Although there’s an ammo shortage, the “mailbag of hate” segment carries on. The problem, Loesch said, is the lack of creativity in the emails and social media postings. If she’s going to take the time to sift through her inbox and pick the best ones to read on air, she wants to see people put thought into their hate mail.

The radio host hopes to continue to grow her listener base and expand to more affiliates.

“Right now we have around 200 affiliates. The goal is to keep expanding the show and monetizing the hate,” Loesch told The Daily Wire.

Beth Baumann is a Political Reporter and Editor at The Daily Wire. Follow her on Twitter @eb454.

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