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Dan Crenshaw Rips Apart Dems’ Actions Over Volker Testimony With One Crucial Point
U.S. Representative Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) seen speaking during the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) Policy Conference in Washington, DC.
Photo by Michael Brochstein/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

Following the testimony on Thursday of former special envoy to Ukraine Kurt Volker on Thursday, Republicans stated they wanted Democrats to release the full transcript of the deposition; no such action was forthcoming from Democrats. Congressional investigators wanted to know if Volker was involved in any purported efforts by President Trump to get information on Hunter Biden, the son of former Vice President Joe Biden from Ukrainian officials.

Rep. Dan Crenshaw took the Democrats to task on Friday morning, tweeting, “One key fact about yesterday’s closed-door witness interview? Republicans are the ones calling for public release of the deposition transcript. That should tell you something. Democrats prefer narratives, not facts.”

As The Hill reported, Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) stated, “If we release the transcripts it will have a very chilling effect on impeachment.” Reps. Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Devin Nunes (R-CA) echoed, “The facts we learned today undercut the salacious narrative that Adam Schiff is using to sell his impeachment ambitions. We hope the American people get to read the transcript of today’s testimony and see the truth.” Jordan also said that House Intelligence Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff wanted to limit the number of people questioning Volker and had prevented State Department lawyers from participating, according to Roll Call.

Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY), responding to the claims by Democrats that President Trump had offered a quid pro quo to the Ukrainian government, said pointedly, “The allegations of a quid pro quo, basically today just blew a massive hole throughout the entirety of that argument. The administration is in an even stronger place today than they were this morning as a product of Ambassador Volker coming to testify … The President has been crystal clear: no quid pro quos of any kind. The President is trying to evaluate whether Ukraine is truly going to adopt the transparency and reforms that President Zelenskiy promised during his campaign. There are text messages that make it absolutely, crystal clear — without any shadow of a doubt — that there was no quid pro quo whatsoever, and it was known as a policy of the United States government.”

The Hill reported that William Taylor, the leading U.S. ambassador in Ukraine, said of Trump’s actions vis-a-vis Ukraine, “It’s crazy to withhold security assistance for help with a political campaign.” But Gordon Sondland, the United States ambassador to the European Union, countered that Taylor was “incorrect about President Trump’s intentions,” adding, “The President has been crystal clear: no quid pro quo’s of any kind. The President is trying to evaluate whether Ukraine is truly going to adopt the transparency and reforms that President Zelensky promised during his campaign.”

Fox News’ Laura Ingraham stated Thursday night, “How many times have Democrats and their press toadies declared that Trump’s presidency was on the ropes? … Democrats were salivating on air and off about today’s testimony by Kurt Volker. They thought his resignation, which was forced as Ukraine envoy, meant that meaning somehow on Capitol Hill would be a blockbuster. Instead it was another dud … Now this would be funny if it weren’t so serious. Democrats are doing the equivalent day after day of yelling fire in a crowded theater and that theater is America … This is doing enormous damage to the country.”