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The Daily Show Recommends Giving Women Abortion Pills For Christmas

Last week, The Daily Show recommended men give their ladies birth control of all forms for Christmas—abortion-inducing pills like Plan B included.

What better way to celebrate the birth of our Lord?

“Ladies, are you wondering what the Trump Administration means for your reproductive rights? And fellas, are you wondering what to get you lady this holiday season?” asks Daily Show host Trevor Noah, before pitching the allegedly comedic fake news segment called “The Gift of Reproductive Rights.”

The segment opens by perpetuating the leftist lie that President-elect Donald Trump will magically rid the world of all birth control once he takes office. Dr. Raegan McDonald-Mosley of Planned Parenthood claims on camera that they’ve seen a “900 percent increase in online appointment scheduling for intrauterine devices (IUDs),” following Trump’s election.

In actuality, a Trump presidency may mean that women will be held responsible for paying for—with their own money—birth control pills, IUDs or abortions, a gruesome life-taking procedure.

Quick aside, ladies: When Planned Parenthood gives you “free” birth control, the American taxpayer is footing the bill.

Women are then featured speaking to Daily Show correspondent Desi Lydic, telling her that they are quickly getting IUDs because it will last “two Trump terms.”

One woman is gifted an IUD from her man, “a way of saying, ‘I love you, but not enough to pullout,'” says Lydic. A closet full of Plan B pills, dubbed “the morning after pills,” are given to another woman who is “not into” IUDs. As noted by Dr. Christopher Kahlenborn, Plan B pills have been found to be more likely to terminate a pregnancy than prevent one. And Lydic is gifted a “wall” for her vagina as her Christmas gift.

Clever stuff, really.

​Isn’t it strange how feminists and leftists in general are always reducing women down to their uteruses? Always.

Video below: