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WaPo/Daily Beast: Transgender People Committing Suicide Over NC’s ‘Anti-Trans’ Law

Persons afflicted with transgenderism across America are now far more likely to commit suicide, according to left-wing outpost The Daily Beast (TDB), following North Carolina’s passing of House Bill 2 (HB2).

HB2 mandates that multiple occupancy bathrooms and changing facilities administered by schools and public agencies restrict access based on biological sex as defined on a person’s birth certificate.

Blaming GOP lawmakers for the alleged increase in calls made to Trans Lifeline – described as a crisis hotline for transgender people – TDB’s Samantha Allen describes HB2 as “life-threatening” to transgender persons.

Speculating as to the causes of the alleged increase in risk of suicide among transgender persons, Trans Lifeline’s co-founded Greta Gustava Martela pointed to “legislative attacks” endorsed by the Republican National Committee.

In other words, Republican-sponsored legislation rejecting left-wing narratives of sex as a social construct with respect to bathrooms and changing facilities is driving mentally ill persons suffering from gender dysphoria to lose “hope for the future.”

Allen describes HB2 as “[denying] access to basic bodily functions.”

In an article from April, Allen described women who believe they are men as men. Mocking HB2 as mandating men (who are actually women who have either surgically altered themselves and/or modified themselves with hormones), she wrote:

This means, bluntly speaking, that the new North Carolina law will technically require some testosterone-laden men with penises to walk through the door with the dress on it because, if they haven’t been able to change their birth certificate in their home state, the Tar Heel State still sees them as women.

Allen then highlights women who have presumably “transitioned” towards becoming something other than a woman.

Another leftist outlet, The Washington Post, echoed the same warning, writing:

But even if these bills are ultimately ruled unconstitutional and overturned, they may still affect public health. Policies and people, like disparities and discrimination, do not exist in a vacuum but are part of encompassing institutions, structures and environments. Anti-LGBT legislation has serious and enduring consequences, not just in overt actions but also the messages sent to LGBT people. These bills send negative signals and stir up a frenzy of negative attention. That risks increasing suicide and self-harm among already fragile transgender adolescents.

The Charlotte Observer, a left-wing local newspaper based in the Tar Heel State’s capital, asserts that HB2 sanctions unlawful discrimination targeting a “protected class” of people. The same newspaper deliberately hid the fact that the chief proponent of a “nondiscrimination ordinance” in Charlotte is a convicted child molester. Chad Sevearance, head of the Charlotte Business Guild – a left-wing “LGBT” agitation group – sought to weaponize the law to punish local businesses deemed to be discriminating against “LGBT” persons. The proposed local measure was defeated 5-4, all four supporting city councilors being Democrats.

As it turns out, acquiescence to neo-Marxist narratives of gender and sex as entirely socially constructed phenomena is a matter of life or death.

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