‘Dahmer’ Series Creator Says He Was Upset Over LGBTQ Tag Removal, Says It’s A Story About ‘Gay Man’ And ‘His Gay Victims’

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Ryan Murphy, the man who created the hit Netflix series about serial murderer Jeffrey Dahmer, said he was upset when the platform removed the LGBTQ tag from the story about a “gay man” and “his gay victims.”

In a recent lengthy interview for The New York Times, Murphy said not all “gay stories” have to be happy and admitted he wasn’t pleased when the streaming site removed the LGBTQ tag from “Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story” because “people were upset.”

“The rule of my career has been: The more specific you are, the more universal you can become,” Murphy explained. “I also don’t think that all gay stories have to be happy stories.”

“There was a moment on Netflix where they removed the L.G.B.T.Q. tag from ‘Dahmer,’ and I didn’t like it and I asked why they did that and they said because people were upset because it was an upsetting story,” the series creator added. “I was, like, ‘Well, yeah.’ But it was a story of a gay man and more importantly, his gay victims.”

Murphy also responded to reports that the show was “exploiting” trauma suffered by the “victims’ families,” as The Daily Wire previously reported.

The series creator said he did the story to shed light on the racism and homophobia in the case that were pervasive.

“It was the biggest thing I’ve ever seen that really sort of examines how easy it is to get away with things with the white privilege aspects,” Murphy shared.  “What are the rules now? Should we never do a movie about a tyrant?”

The prosecutor who secured Dahmer’s conviction, former Milwaukee County District Attorney Michael McCann, has disputed this claim.

“The notion that MPD officers turned a blind eye to Dahmer’s victims because of their race or sexual orientation is ludicrous, despite what ‘Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story’ portrays,” McCann reportedly shared.

The series focuses on serial killer, Dahmer, played by actor Evan Peters. Dahmer murdered 17 people from the 70s until the early 90s, as previously reported.

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