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Cubs Fan Vilified For Grabbing Ball Tossed To Kid. Then An Alternative Story Comes Out.

By  Hank

On Sunday at the Chicago Cubs’ Wrigley Field, in the fourth inning of a game between the Cubs and the St. Louis Cardinals, a member of the Cubs tossed a ball to a boy siting in the front row of box seats. The boy missed the ball, and it rolled to a young man with a crew-cut in the seats behind him, who grabbed it and triumphantly presented it to the woman next to him.

The tape of the incident went viral, with people condemning the man on Twitter, vilifying him for stealing from the young boy.

But that wasn’t the whole story.

The initial video showed this:

The tape was posted after the Cubs, alerted to the situation, had acted:

But after the firestorm of anger descended on the man on Twitter, another story emerged:

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