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CSULA Professor Threatens to ‘Macroagress’ in Response to Ben Shapiro Lecture

In response to an upcoming speech by Daily Wire editor-in-chief Ben Shapiro, a professor at California State University Los Angeles (CSULA) launched into a rant this week followed by threats of “macro-aggression.”

The event, which is titled “When Diversity Becomes a Problem,” is being hosted on campus by the Young America’s Foundation (YAF) on February 25. Amy Lutz, a YAF staff member, reports having encountered Professor Robert Weide at CSULA while she and a student were placing flyers for the event on a bulletin board in the hallway.

Weide, as you might remember, had threatened to physically fight students who had invited Shapiro to speak on campus, last month.

Lutz reports being ordered by Weide to stand still as he immediately tore down her flyers and called campus security. He eventually told her she and the student could either leave or stay, but said that if they left he would “follow” them.

Weide then called the students “fascists,” holding them responsible for the “death threats” he’d received after his earlier threats to fight event supporters had made national news headlines.

“It goes without saying that YAF does not condone the actions of anyone who has threatened Dr. Weide,” Lutz wrote, in part alluding to Weide’s own previous threats. “In fact, we cannot condone the actions of anyone who invites others to physically fight them simply for holding different views,” she added.

As Lutz and the student waited for campus security, Weide called a campus administrator and told her they were “intimidating him.” Lutz describes being repeatedly asked for her personal identification information by the angry professor, whom the administrator had to keep asking to “calm down.”

Lutz humorously describes the moment

“By this point, I was hoping campus security would arrive, as I didn’t feel safe in Dr. Weide’s presence,” she said. “Many college students today want ‘safe spaces’ to protect them from ‘scary’ ideas. I wanted a literal safe space to protect us from Dr. Weide.”

Finally, the two were met by campus security and after being calmly asked to not post flyers on the bulletin board, sent on their way.

The next day, the following quote signed by Weide was seen written on a white board on his office door:

The best response to a micro-aggression is macro-aggression.

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