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Crowder: Why Republicans DESERVE to Lose

By  Aaron Bandler

Comedian Steven Crowder’s March 4 Louder With Crowder podcast features a segment explaining why Republicans deserve to lose in presidential elections: They always choose a candidate that can’t attack the Democratic candidate’s main weakness.

In 2012, Crowder pointed out that President Barack Obama’s Achilles heel was Obamacare, and yet Republicans nominated the only man in the entire world who signed a lighter version of Obamacare into law: former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney (R). The Democrats’ likely presidential nominee, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, has the second highest unfavorables in presidential history. All the Republicans need is to nominate someone slightly more likable than Clinton. But they’re currently poised to nominate real estate tycoon Donald Trump, who has the highest unfavorables of any presidential candidate in history.

“There are so many people out there right now with Hillary Clinton with her unfavorability rating, they are looking to vote for anyone not named Hillary Clinton,” Crowder said. “The only person who they will also put on that list and more is Donald Trump.”

Based on the current numbers available, Trump faces the largest deficit of Republicans who won’t vote for him, which Crowder estimates to be around 10 million at the low end.

“So people are saying, ‘He’s going to get so many moderates, he’s going to get so many Democrats,'” Crowder said. “You believe that the guy who’s going into a general with a deficit of millions based on the polls that we have available to us – you can’t throw them out when they’re not convenient – in a general election with the single-highest unfavorability rating in a general election of all is somehow going to magically gain more Democrats and more Independents than any candidate running since before Reagan, that’s your gamble?”

Crowder says he understands that Trump is a high-risk gamble, but is the upside of Trump really worth the risk?

“You get a borderline lifelong Democrat,” Crowder said. “Pro-choice, anti-Second Amendment, anti-free speech, four bankruptcies, serial admitted philanderer, divorcee, who didn’t have an opinion on partial-birth abortion, guns, illegal immigration, he flipped on that until he decided to run for election. That’s your reward.”

Trump supporters concede all that, but they’re mainly attracted to him because he’s a successful businessman. But when taking a look at Trump’s business record, it’s not as successful as supporters think it is. In the 1980s, Trump said he was worth around $500 million, even though Forbes had him estimated as over $200 million. If Trump had simply put that money into an unmanaged index fund, he would be worth $20 billion today. He currently claims to be worth $10 billion, although his actual worth is somewhere in the range of $750 million-$3 billion.

Crowder concluded, “So again let’s recap this: you have somebody who is going into a general with a deficit of Republicans, according to the data, of more than any Republican candidate that we’ve had in recent memory, probably 10 million, he has the single-highest unfavorability rating of any candidate running in the history of ever, running against Hillary Clinton will magically somehow win over a number of Independents and Democrats not seen in decades who is a serial philanderering, lie-about-everything candidate who has never been consistent on a single issue until the last six months, and even those he’s flip-flopped, because you believe he’s a good businessman. And you believe he’s a good businessman because he inherited $200 million from his dad and it’s very likely worth, nearly half a century later, less than a billion dollars. That’s your play?”

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