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CROWDER VIDEO: Here Are All The Lies The Media Told About The Texas Shooting

In a video podcast this week, conservative comedian and commentator Steven Crowder dedicated a segment to highlighting “what the media got wrong about the Sutherland Springs shooting.”

“I think the firearm argument in this country, the Second Amendment argument, that’s taking place occurs between two parties: gun owners and the completely uninformed,” says Crowder. For evidence, he walks through several false claims made by mainstream media outlets in response to the horrific mass shooting in Texas.

Crowder begins by providing a clip from an MSNBC panel discussion in which the various talking heads make easily refutable claims like it’s harder to cash a check than to buy a gun and it’s easier to buy a gun than get a driver’s license. One panelist outright declares “that’s the root of the argument of why we need to start talking about repealing the Second Amendment” and says that the Constitution makes it too hard to prevent people like Devin Kelley from purchasing a gun — even though Kelley was in fact not legally allowed to purchase firearms because of his domestic assault record.

Crowder blows up the threadbare driver’s license argument by suggesting it should be difficult to be allowed to drive a vehicle, noting that a “16-year-old texting behind the wheel of a Chevy Suburban” poses a major risk to both herself and others.

“To get a firearm, you have to have a state-issued ID,” says Crowder, “usually it’s a driver’s license. Either way, you have to go through the process, so he’s wrong two times here. You have to go through the process to get a state ID and then use that to go through the background check when you purchase a firearm. Anyone who has purchased a firearm knows this is false — but at least he’s being honest now saying we should just repeal the Second Amendment.”

“None of the laws [gun control advocates] have proposed would have stopped any of these shootings,” adds Crowder. “They know that, and the only thing that would stop it in their eyes would be a complete repeal of the Second Amendment.”

Crowder then plays a clip of one of the MSNBC panelists saying “an assault rifle is different than a gun.”

“What was that?” asks Crowder sarcastically. “This is ‘news’? … Again, uninformed and firearm owners.”


Crowder goes on to note that early on, a Democrat representative told CNN that the shooter was “Sam Hyde,” which Crowder points out is a “classic 4chan meme” that is put out after every mass shooting as “troll bait.”

The next false claim: that the shooter purchased his gun through “the domestic violence loophole,” which doesn’t exist.

“This is a new fictitious loophole,” says Crowder. “There are laws preventing people, in case you didn’t know, … with domestic violence charges from purchasing firearms.” The only reason Kelley was able to purchase weapons is that the Air Force failed to submit his record to the FBI.

Crowder goes on to point out that an “evil assault rifle” was used in the attack but it was also used by local hero Stephen Willeford to end Kelley’s murderous rampage. Another false claim about Willeford made by media outlets that Crowder debunks is that his “heroism didn’t accomplish anything” because the shooting was supposedly over, despite Kelley reportedly stopping Kelley while he was still executing people and intending to continue his rampage perhaps elsewhere.

One of the reasons the media insists on misreporting and distorting the facts on the story, Crowder concludes, is that this is a classic case of a man obtaining a gun illegally and getting stopped by a “good guy with a gun.”