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Crowder: No, My Amazon Alexa Video Wasn’t A Hoax. She’s Really A Far-Left SJW. Here’s Proof.

By  James Barrett

In a video that went viral over the Thanksgiving weekend, conservative comedian and commentator Steven Crowder conducts a question and answer session with Amazon’s “Alexa” that shows that the artificial personal assistant is more interested in giving users her “far-left social justice warrior” opinion than straightforward facts. The video of the clearly “editorializing” responses Alexa provided to simple, direct questions resulted in a flood of conspiracy theories accusing Crowder of “faking” the whole thing. In response, on Monday Crowder posted the raw footage of the back and forth with Alexa proving that her leftist slant is no “hoax.”

Crowder introduces the raw footage (below) by slamming those accusing him of trying to pull off some kind of hoax. No, “Simon says” mode wasn’t on, he explains, and they didn’t fake Alexa’s voice or ask Alexa different questions then deceitfully edit them for their purposes. Instead he had simply noticed that the program “can be incredibly leading” and “has a significant far-left bent,” so he and his producer asked her a few questions and recorded the exchange.

The results included Alexa declaring that there are more than two genders, praising the prophet Muhammad, dismissing Jesus as a “fictional character,” and giving a significantly more favorable description of communism than fascism. Below is the edited version Crowder posted Friday:

Crowder told the Daily Wire in a phone interview that he was genuinely surprised by the pushback on the video. Judging by the strong reaction, people appear to put a lot more trust in Alexa than they should.

“Here’s the thing, I didn’t plan this,” said Crowder. “I’d heard Alexa say some crazy stuff before, so we just asked her some questions and went with it.”

Among the various conspiracy theorists, he said, atheists appeared to be the most upset. “What’s so funny is the atheists are the ones who are the most angry about. I mean, she said ‘Jesus Christ is a fictional character,’ which is exactly what they believe, so you’d think they’d be happy about it,” he said.

“Whoever entertained these conspiracies owes an apology,” Crowder said in an email. “And hopefully will learn to trust Alexa a little less.”

Below is the raw, uncut footage from a single camera proving that Crowder wasn’t “faking it”:

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