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CROSSHAIRS: CNN Points What Looks Like A Sniper Scope At Steve Bannon’s Head

By  John Nolte

Forget the fact that this CNN story is total Fake News. Because we are talking about CNN, that should be a given. For CNN to claim that they captured on film the very same Oval Office “blow up” that’s been reported (by anonymous sources, naturally) is absurd. CNN has no idea if they captured that moment or if they captured White House senior advisor Steve Bannon telling President Trump how awesome the latest “X-Men” film is.

What is extremely troubling is the way in which CNN chose to present these images. As you can see in the screenshot below, CNN chose to shade the video in a circular way that makes the image look exactly like a sniper scope.

Moreover, the placing of the camera uses the window frame as a natural crosshairs, crosshairs that just happen to point directly at Bannon’s head.

Back in 2011, over the standard use of crosshairs on a political map, CNN itself spent weeks blaming former-Governor Sarah Palin for the tragic shooting of Congresswoman Gabby Giffords. Although Palin was thousands of miles away in Alaska at the time of the shooting, although there is absolutely no evidence Giffords’ shooter ever saw the map in question, the official-Least Trusted Name In News blamed this generic imagery (used by both political parties) for an assassination attempt against a sitting Congresswoman.

CNN was so concerned, the network took a poll on the issue.

In fact, CNN has gone so far as to apologize for the inadvertent use of the word crosshairs.

But that was then… Under CNN president Jeff Zucker, the network’s bloodthirsty zeal to destroy Trump and push its left-wing agenda has, of course, changed everything. CNN now sees political violence as justifiable and the consequences have already been devastating, primarily for two predominantly black working class neighborhoods.

On top of the race riots CNN openly called for in Baltimore and ginned up in Ferguson (based on their “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” lie), CNN has joked about Trump’s plane crashing and turned into a folk hero the thug who attempted to rush Trump at a campaign event.

Overall, for months now, CNN has been using a series of what I call “assassination dogwhistles” to create the impression that Trump is an unstable and unique danger to America and the world.

In other words, the push is on at CNN to convince someone that the assassination of President Trump would be a righteous and patriotic act — a real-life “Would You Kill Baby Hitler?” scenario — a Narrative the left-wing network pushed throughout much of the 2016 presidential campaign.

CNN’s top anchor, the left-wing Jake Tapper, has at various times used extremely troubling and dangerous rhetoric against Trump — going so far as to tell the public that Trump is “unmoored,” “unhinged,” and even “un-American.”

It was also CNN and Tapper who put the totally-fake Golden Showers Dossier into play, even though they knew it was Fake News. But as with all things Russia and Trump, although there is ZERO evidence of any wrongdoing by Team Trump, the propaganda push is on to make the president look like a dangerous and unstable Manchurian Candidate.


Without a shred of evidence, CNN [is] pushing a conspiracy theory that claims Breitbart News, an outlet connected to Steve Bannon, one of Trump’s top aides, paid gangs of thugs and marauders to commit violence against Trump’s own supporters in Berkeley, California, last week.

The message being sent with this narrative is that Trump is so dangerous and evil, so similar to Hitler, he is manipulating legions of black-clad thugs to burn and loot cities, and to brutalize his own fans.

Backfilling the Trump-as-Hitler narrative is CNN’s relentless push to describe Trump supporters as modern-day Brownshirts, as white supremacists who spread hate.

CNN anchors have gone so far as to openly and publicly compare Trump to Hitler. And now to the surprise of no one who is paying attention, CNN has found another bottom to hit…

After months of portraying Trump as a dangerously demented racist, even as Hitler…

After months of downplaying and even excusing violence against Trump and his supporters

After telling the world that CNN will make you a folk hero if you try to rush Trump on stage…

After lecturing us over and over and over about the dangers of crosshair imagery…

This last place cable news network is now intentionally using shading effects and camera position as a means to show the world exactly what a sniper scope would look like when it’s pointed directly into the Oval Office … directly at Steve Bannon’s head, a man the network has repeatedly smeared as an anti-Semite.

Anymore question about why I call CNN “Hitler“?

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