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‘Critical Pace Theory’: Air Force Mocked For Creating Walking Instead of Running Test, Allowing Easier Push-Ups
HARLINGEN, TX - JANUARY 12: U.S. Air Force personnel stand guard as Marine Helicopter Squadron One lands at Valley International Airport on January 12, 2021 in Harlingen, Texas. President Donald Trump later delivered remarks during a visit to the U.S.-Mexico Border in Alamo, Texas. (Photo by Go Nakamura/Getty Images)
Go Nakamura/Getty Images

The United States Air Force announced modifications to its aerobic test that would allow airmen to choose walking instead of running.

On Monday, Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force JoAnne Bass and Lt. Gen. Brian Kelly revealed during a live chat that the new test will begin a six-month trial period next year.

As military news company Task & Purpose reports:

The new test, which the service will begin to experiment with in January 2022, will allow airmen to choose between running, shuttle run sprints, and walking for the aerobic portion of the test. Shuttle run sprints involve sprinting back and forth between two markers about 25 meters apart. They could then choose between planks and sit-ups for the core strength measure. 

The Air Force will also lighten requirements for strength portions of the exam:

And for the final portion of the test airmen would be allowed to choose between push-ups and raised-hand push-ups. Instead of going up and down like a traditional push-up, the raised hand push-ups allow airmen to alternate lifting their hands up while in the push-up ready position.

The Air Force’s move drew mockery from social media users.

Daily Wire editor emeritus Ben Shapiro commented that “critical pace theory” is taking over the military.


“Taking the joke ‘Chair Force’ to new heights,” said Chalkboard Review founder Tony Kinnett.


One user compared future airmen to the obese, coddled humans from Pixar’s “WALL-E.”

“Does the Air Force tuck them in bed at night with their teddy bears??” asked another commenter.

The news of the Air Force’s modified physical fitness test comes months after China introduced a drive to make male students less feminine.

As BBC reported:

The Proposal to Prevent the Feminisation of Male Adolescents called on schools to fully reform their offerings on physical education and strengthen their recruitment of teachers.

The text advised recruiting retired athletes and people from sporting backgrounds — and “vigorously developing” particular sports like football with a view to “cultivating students’ masculinity.”

Days before the Air Force’s announcement, Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Mark Milley made waves for defending the teaching of critical race theory.

During testimony before the House Armed Services Committee, Milley said that “it’s important actually for those of us in uniform to be open-minded and be widely read.”

“And I want to understand white rage and I’m white, and I want to understand it. So what is it that caused thousands of people to assault this building and try to overturn the constitution of the United States of America?” Milley said. “What caused that? I want to find that out. I want to maintain an open mind here, and I do want to analyze it.”

Following the testimony, “Hillbilly Elegy” author J.D. Vance retorted, “I personally would like American generals to read less about ‘white rage’ (whatever that is) and more about ‘not losing wars.’”

“What I find so enraging about the Joint Chiefs’ pandering on progressive wokeness is that they know damn well the geography and politics of who dies in American wars,” Vance wrote. “The conservative Americans you trash are disproportionately bleeding for this country. I’m glad you got your viral clip, General. Maybe you should try defending the enlisted folks, their families, and their values.”

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