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Cosmo Praises ‘Muslim’ For Helping Manchester Concert-Goers. Then Something Hilarious Happens.

By  Amanda Prestigiacomo

Taking a beat from giving the world oral sex advice and telling us “things women think when they’re face-sitting,” feminist magazine Cosmopolitan decided they’d take a go at politics (never a good idea at Cosmo) to show us all how stereotyping is wrong.

So on Tuesday, the magazine searched for a helpful Muslim to sing the praises of. When one was spotted, a nice “Muslim” man giving out free rides to Ariana Grande concert-goers following the devastating radical Islamic terrorist attack that left at least 22 dead and over 50 injured in the U.K., they ran with it, underscoring the nothing-to-do-with-Islam narrative.

Turns out, the kind “Muslim” man is actually a Sikh, as is stated on the tweet Cosmo asked to use within their story.

That’s right, Cosmo thinks Sikhs are Muslims.

But, like, they both sometimes wear something on their heads, presumably thought the hordes of feminists, finding, writing, approving and publishing the piece.

Here’s the disaster in four easy steps:

Step one: First, Cosmo spots a “Sikh cab driver,” posted by social entrepreneur Harjinder S Kukreja, who is kindly offering rides to those affected by the gruesome terrorist attack.

Step two: Cosmo asks if they can use the photo.

Step three: Cosmo runs a story titled, “Muslim Taxi Drivers Took Kids Trying To Escape the Manchester Ariana Grande Concert Home for Free.” The face plastered to the story? The Sikh man.

Step four: Delete the post entirely after you are mercilessly called out. After all, a nice Sikh man doesn’t deserve any attention for his kind deed; he doesn’t fit your #NotAllMuslims narrative!

Oh, Cosmo, never change.

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