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Contraceptive Pills Turning The Freaking Fish Transgender!

By  Amanda Prestigiacomo

It turns out Alex Jones was on to something with his “gay frogs” theory.

According to a new study headed by University of Exeter’s Professor Charles Tyler, a fifth of all male fish are now “transgender” or “intersex” as a result of the chemicals in the water from contraception pills being flushed down drains at homes.

“Male river fish are displaying feminised traits and even producing eggs, the study found. Some have reduced sperm quality and display less aggressive and competitive behaviour, which makes them less likely to breed successfully,” reports The Telegraph.

Around 20 percent of the male fish tested at over 50 locations showed “feminine characteristics.”

Along with birth control pills, some plastics and cosmetic and cleaning by-products are contributing to turning fish trans.

Professor Tyler finds that “offspring of such ‘transgender’ or ‘intersex’ fish can also be more sensitive to the effects of these chemicals in subsequent exposures.”

“We are showing that some of these chemicals can have much wider health effects on fish that we expected,” said Tyler.

“Using specially created transgenic fish that allow us to see responses to these chemicals in the bodies of fish in real time, for example, we have shown that oestrogens found in some plastics affect the valves in the heart,” he added.

“Other research has shown that many other chemicals that are discharged through sewage treatment works can affect fish, including antidepressant drugs that reduce the natural shyness of some fish species, including the way they react to predators,” explained Tyler.

From July 3-7, Tyler will be addressing fish biologists from around the world about his findings at the 50th Anniversary Symposium of the Fisheries Society in the British Isles.

Attendees at Exeter University will be given “a chance to exchange ideas and discuss how to protect dwindling fish populations in rapidly changing seas and rivers, before it is too late,” says Dr. Steve Simpson.

Here’s Jones with the I-told-you-so:

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