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Conservative Writer Gets Suspended From Twitter While Defending Kevin Hart

PJ Media writer and former Daily Caller columnist Sean Medlock, AKA Jim Treacher, was temporarily suspended from Twitter on Monday morning for a comment he posted in a Twitter thread defending comedian Kevin Hart.

Hart was widely condemned and branded a homophobe by the Left for politically incorrect jokes considered insensitive to the LGBT community which were posted years ago (some as far back as 2009), but only resurfaced once Hart was set to host the Oscars. The comedian has since backed out of the gig.

While offering a defense of Hart and eventually Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback Kyler Murray, another black man damaged by old, dug-up tweets, Medlock sarcastically posted in a reply to a Hart critic, “Take down the black man.” Though the context of the tweet could not have been more clear, Medlock was issued a 12-hour suspension from the Twitter police.

“My main account, @jtlol, was just suspended for 12 hours because I defended Kevin Hart,” Medlock wrote on Monday morning from the account @Sean_Medlock. “It was in the middle of an exchange after this tweet, which got more traffic than I usually get,” he added.

The tweet Medlock is referring to reads: “Note to the guy or gal who eventually cures cancer: Before you announce it to the world, make sure to delete your Twitter account.”

The tweet, a clear defense of Hart, quickly went viral, racking up over 25,000 likes on the site. Naturally, it drew replies from folks in disagreement with Medlock. For example, one Twitter user replied, “Yes, if you’re a prick who made homophobic, racist, or disgusting remarks, then yes. Or how about this? Don’t make such horrible unacceptable comments or social media posts. #commonsense.”

“So then an angry white guy tried to whitesplain why that black man should watch what he says. I pointed out that, by the rules we’re all supposed to follow now, this attitude is racist,” explained Medlock, posting screenshots of his interaction with the aforementioned user.

“Then I tweeted a very bad, harmful tweet in defense of Kyler Murray, the principle of free speech, and the idea that the left should be held to its own rules. TRIGGER WARNING: Contains the word ‘black,'” Medlock captioned a tweet containing screenshots of Twitter informing him of his suspension. The writer violated Twitter’s rules against “hateful conduct,” said the tech company.

“I tweeted ‘T*k* d*wn th* bl*ck m*n.’ To a white guy who was trying to t*k* d*wn th* bl*ck m*n for saying something offensive as a teenager,” Medlock said. “Twitter told me to delete that, so I did. Now I’m on a 12-hour suspension. That’s what I get for defending a bl*ck m*an who I thought was being unfairly persecuted.”

“Sorry for not keeping up with the ever-shifting standards of discourse. Defending a bl*ck p*rs*n who is being treated unfairly is good, unless the bl*ck p*rs*n has offended somebody whose victimhood is more valued by society,” the Twitter thread continued. “I guess from now on, when some lib says something stupid to me, I’ll just block them. Don’t engage, don’t try to point out the flaws in their argument, and most importantly, don’t trigger their cognitive dissonance. It enrages them.”

Medlock concluded the thread: “I think Kyler Murray and Kevin Hart and Louis CK and everybody else should say whatever they want. If it offends you, that’s your problem. This is becoming the minority viewpoint, though. Wait, am I still allowed to say ‘minority’?”

“It used to be good to defend Kevin Hart, because he’s black. Now it’s bad, because he expressed a bad opinion,” Medlock told The Daily Wire of his suspension. “It’s Stalinism.”

“I mean, on one hand, it’s just Twitter. On the other hand, everybody’s on Twitter now,” he added.

Medlock’s Twitter suspension was ended on Monday afternoon. According to the writer, this was done after his former colleague and Daily Caller reporter Amber Athey questioned Twitter employees about the absurd suspension.

Medlock was never notified by Twitter as to why his suspension was ended, he told The Daily Wire.

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