Congressman Slams GOP Colleagues Who Leak To Press, Hypocritically Comply With Vaccine Mandates
Rep. Bob Good, R-Va., is seen during a group photo with freshmen members of the House Republican Conference on the House steps of the Capitol on Monday, January 4, 2021.
(Photo By Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images)

Congressman Bob Good (R-VA) is criticizing several of his GOP colleagues who recently anonymously told The Hill that the Virginia representative was condemned by fellow Republicans after he suggested boycotting the popular conservative social spot, The Capitol Hill Club, due to its compliance with Democratic Mayor Muriel Bowser’s COVID-19 vaccine passport mandate.

On Tuesday, The Hill reported that Good urged his colleagues to boycott a storied, private Republican club near the Capitol to protest an indoor vaccine mandate imposed by D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser (D), which is set to take effect this week.

The Hill claimed that Good “stood up in a closed-door GOP conference meeting Tuesday and told colleagues they should refuse to patronize the 70-year-old Capitol Hill Club, eliciting support from some conservatives in the room” according to anonymous sources.

As The Daily Wire reported Tuesday, starting this Saturday, D.C. will require nearly every indoor business in the city to verify vaccination as well ask for photo ID from patrons. The Capitol Hill Club, a 70-year-old Republican club located near the Capitol building, announced on its website that it will be complying with the vaccine mandate order.

The Hill claims that Congressman Ken Calvert (R-CA) and Jeff Duncan (R-SC) pushed back against Good and said the club was only following city orders

“For some, there’s a mentality of ‘burn the house down,'” one anonymous GOP member privy to the conversation told the D.C.-based website. “The majority of the conference was in the camp of you need to protect the club.”

The Hill claimed a second GOP member present said, “He can always just drop his membership.”

“I hear the Democratic Club is hurting for new members and worried about how they will keep their doors open next January,” the unnamed congressman reportedly added.

The Daily Wire reached out Good for comment. The Virginia lawmaker refused to comment on specific conversations but did state that he will absolutely be encouraging all Republicans to not comply with Bowser’s orders.

“My constituents want to know that I am fighting vaccine mandates at every level. In an attempt to paint me in a bad light with the political elites and donor class in Washington, the anonymous leaker inadvertently revealed that some DC insiders are encouraging compliance with mandates, while they claim to their constituents back home that they are here in DC fighting for healthcare freedom,” Good said in an email.

He also took fault with Republicans who leak to the press.

“While I don’t leak to the press what my colleagues say in these closed-door Republican meetings, I’m not afraid to say publicly that we should stand up and say ‘no’ to Mayor Bowser’s vaccine passports, refuse to comply, and also remind her that Congress ultimately must approve the DC budget. I must also say that I admire the courage of my fellow members who provide anonymous quotes to the press,” he added.

The congressman has been vocal against all vaccine mandates, regardless of their location. On Tuesday, Good also tweeted “Virginia Republicans must act now to prohibit and prevent all unconstitutional mandates,” in response to the University of Virginia’s vaccine mandate which could potentially kick students out of enrollment if they do not show proof of a booster by January 14.

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