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Comey: Forget What I Said Last Week, Clinton Email Investigation Is Over

By  Joshua Yasmeh

On Sunday, FBI Director James Comey sent a new letter to Congress, seemingly walking back his groundbreaking letter on Friday implying that Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton may still be implicated in wrongdoing as a result of hidden emails uncovered on former Congressman Anthony Weiner’s home devices.

Comey’s newest letter doubles-down on the conclusion he reached in July when he told a room of reporters that federal investigators did not find enough evidence to reasonably recommend prosecution against Hillary Clinton for her controversial use of a personal email server during her tenure as Secretary of State.
Read the full letter below:
It’s unclear how much this latest development will influence the polls. After all, it takes a couple days for news to permeate through the public’s collective psyche.
However, there’s no doubt that Comey’s announcement to Congress last week, revealing possible Clinton-related emails on a pervert’s laptop, undermined the Democratic nominee’s massive lead, and created an opening for rival Donald Trump.
With the polls tightening, Democrats and Clinton allies spent the last week slamming the integrity of the FBI and brazenly characterizing the bureau as a partisan institution that may be guilty of Russian-style interference into the American electoral system.
In contrast, the Trump campaign praised Comey’s apparent ethical epiphany and used the FBI Director’s own words to advance the popular 90s narrative about the elite Clinton family’s intimate affairs with corruption.
Now, Comey has once again flipped the script, reinserting himself into public discourse just 48 hours before a contentious presidential election. Talk about a November surprise.
Team Clinton will likely broadcast this new development across social media platforms as quickly as possible in an attempt to put to rest any lingering doubt about her innocence as declared by the FBI.
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