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Comedy Central Comedienne: ‘Why Are People Still Allowed To Have Five Kids?’

By  Ben Shapiro

On Tuesday, Comedy Central comedienne Nikki Glaser tweeted out something she surely thought was clever and snarky at Donald Trump Jr. and his ex-wife. The couple was recently divorced, but appeared at the White House Easter egg hunt with their five children. Here was Glaser’s response: “Don Jr and his wife have FIVE kids. No one should be having five kids. Why are people still allowed to have five kids?”

But Trump is the fascist, y’all.

After being called out on the tweet, Glaser deleted it.

But Glaser isn’t the only Leftist who feels this way about large families. Feminist blogger Amanda Marcotte recently made the same point:

There’s something rather misanthropic about this perspective; presumably, both Glaser and Marcotte were once children. But there’s also something that makes those on the hard feminist Left deeply uncomfortable about large families. Perhaps it’s a root dislike of the notion of women as childbearers and childrearers — a decision most women make in the United States fully aware that they have the choice to avoid childbearing and childrearing. The image of the overworked mother scrubbing children’s cloth diapers on the washing board still seems to float around in feminists’ heads.

But here’s the reality: large families aren’t just fine, they’re great. In fact, the Survey of Marital Generosity found that parents of large families are happier than parents of small families. But leave it to Glaser and Marcotte to inform us about human happiness.

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