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College Girls Get Naked To Protest Trump Objectifying Women

Many people take issue with some of the things President-elect Donald Trump has said about women, particularly his penchant for objectifying the fairer sex. He’s publicly graded women on a numerical scale based on their sexual attractiveness and shamed them for not fitting traditional beauty standards. It makes sense that feminists are incensed over this sort of thing, actually.

But, as we’ve come to learn, feminists can’t do anything right: Their genius way to protest such demeaning objectification is to strip naked and pose for pictures.

Devastated by the presidential win of “sexist” Trump last month, Clatsop Community College student Aria Watson said she needed to do something in response, and apparently that “something” was for her and her four friends to pose nude for a series of photos.

Watson “created a powerful photo series titled ‘#SignedByTrump’ for a final project in a photography class. The images feature some of the sexist comments President-elect Donald Trump has made about women painted on naked women’s bodies,” gushed The Huffington Post.

“I never really cared for or understood politics, but this year was different,” said the 18-year-old. “As a feminist, when I saw that Donald Trump actually won, my heart shattered.”

“Kids are going to grow up and look up to this man for the next four years,” she continued. “We can’t have a leader who says such horrible things about women. I’m scared that the way he speaks about women ― this sexism and misogyny ― will end up becoming a social norm.”

Feminists have a strange habit of getting naked to end sexual objectification (see: “Free The Nipple” campaign), but it does seem wildly counterproductive. If women should be viewed and valued for more than just their bodies, is stripping down the best way to drive home that point? Probably not.

To view all the photos, click here. (WARNING: Nudity)

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