Colbert: Other Countries Aren’t S***holes. The U.S. Is A S***hole Because Trump Is President!


On Thursday evening, fresh with dewy-eyed eagerness at President Trump’s latest salvo of stupid, comedian/social commentator Stephen Colbert took the wood to . . . the United States. Yes, he called the country that has made him rich and famous a “s***hole.” Because Trump, of course.

Colbert, playing off of Trump’s reported comment that we shouldn’t have “all these people from s***hole countries come here,” quipped, “Sir, they’re not s***hole countries. For one, Donald Trump isn’t their president.”

Colbert should ask expatriate North Koreans whether their country of origin is a s***hole. Or expatriate Cubans. Or expatriate Sudanese or expatriate Iranians or expatriate Haitians. There are indeed crappy countries. That’s why such wonderful people flee them. And the United States is not among those countries. If it were, Colbert wouldn’t live here. He has the cash to move elsewhere.

This is how the Left blows up its own talking point. Instead of focusing on the real problem with Trump’s statement — that he seems to be judging the quality of immigrants based on the quality of the country from which they spring, which is foolish — Colbert and the Left have jumped on the idea that we’re not allowed to say that some countries are worse than others. That’s plainly idiotic.

But thanks to their idiocy, leftists like Colbert end up in the awkward position of saying that Haiti isn’t a s***hole, but the United States is.

Oh yeah, and Windsor or Winnipeg.

Good luck with that message.