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Code Pink: Linda Sarsour Is The Greatest Ally To The Jewish People

By  Kassy Dillon

Last night on Fox’s “The Ingraham Angle,” Code Pink’s national co-director, Ariel Gold, defended Linda Sarsour, claiming that the Jewish community has “no greater ally” than she.

“You say that Linda Sarsour is an ally of the Jewish people, then why would Jewish Americans like Jonathan Greenblatt— he is the head of the Anti-Defamation League— have a real problem with her statements?” Laura Ingraham asked.

Gold responded by calling it “disgraceful” that Greenblatt is “spending his time going after people who are our real allies. After the attack on Jewish cemeteries, Linda Sarsour raised over $100,000 after the Pittsburgh massacre, she raised over $200,000.”

“We have no greater ally in the Jewish community in this time where anti-Semitism is dangerously on the rise than Linda Sarsour,” Gold said.

Gold went on to accuse the ADL of being on a “witch hunt” against Sarsour because she is a “strong, Palestinian, Muslim woman,” instead of “dealing with the fact that we have white nationalism in the Senate, in the House, and in the White House.”

Laughing, Ingraham asked her to clarify.

“Name three white nationalist senators,” Ingraham said.

“What about Shaun King?” Gold responded.

“Why is he a white nationalist? In the U.S. Senate? Shaun King?”

“In the House,” Gold clarified.

“He is an activist for Black Lives Matter,” Ingraham responded.

“Sorry I might be referring to…”

“That’s all right,” Ingraham responded.

Gold later clarified that she was referring to Representative Steve King (R-IA).

Gold also went on to defend Marc Lamont Hill, who was recently fired from CNN for implying Israel should be eliminated when he used the slogan “free Palestine from the river to the sea,” which is commonly used by Hamas and other terrorist organizations that call for the elimination of the state of Israel.

“Marc Lamont Hill was clear that what he was discussing is that Palestinians deserve freedom, equality, and justice, just as Israelis do,” Gold said.

Ingraham asked, “Why is he hanging out with Farrakhan, would you hang out with Farrakhan?”

“I have no love for Farrakhan,” Gold responded.

“Okay, so why is the head of the Women’s March posing with him and why is the trio of fools at the Women’s March showing up at his Nation of Islam conferences? Why?” Ingraham asked.

“Linda Sarsour shows up for Jews. No one showed up after the Pittsburgh massacre,” Gold said.


Gold took to Twitter later to call it “ridiculous” that she was the only Jew in the conversation and that Ingraham and the other guest, Michelle Malkin, “argued they, not me, were the authority on protecting Jews.”

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