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Colorado GOP Rep: Democrats Plan On Kneeling During Special Session

The Democrats seem to have been infected by the NFL’s kneeling fever, and now the Colorado Democrats plan to kneel during a special legislative session, according to a GOP state representative.

On Monday, the Colorado state legislature is holding a special session to discuss a law that puts an exemption on nine districts on Colorado from collecting sales taxes on marijuana. Gov. John Hickenlooper (D) and the Democrats are claiming that it’s costing these districts thousands of dollars, but the Republicans are arguing that any change needs to be presented to the voters.

And yet, Rep. Dave Williams (R-Colorado Springs) told me in a phone interview that the Democrats plan to kneel to show solidarity with the NFL national anthem kneelers at the beginning of the special session.

“I’m not sure that during a special session whether or not there will be a national anthem,” said Williams, “but there will be definitely be a pledge, there will definitely be an invocation and that will be the time that I guess they will do it.”

However, Williams added that the Democrats are starting to backpedal a little bit on their plans to kneel. He hopes that they will back off entirely on kneeling during the session.

“We need to be about the business of the people,” said Williams. “This is something that we don’t have to even talk about or see or engage in. There’s other venues for these Democrats to protest or speak out on, but during the anthem, during the pledge, during a time where we honor our flag and our country is the not the right venue, not the right time for them to grandstand and beat their chest.”

Williams added, “My hope is that by exposing this now, before Monday, they’ll stop. … They’re getting a considerable amount of backlash right now. I don’t think they saw what the NFL is just now starting to see and hopefully they’ve seen the light now.

The Colorado Democrats in the House and Senate have yet to respond to my requests for comment.

Here is the statement that Williams released to the press on Friday:

It’s disgraceful that Democrats in our Capitol would consider participating in a despicable political stunt that is disrespectful to our flag, military, and country. The Democrats’ radical, leftist posturing shows why they can’t be trusted with the levers of government.

The pledge, flag, and national anthem are a symbol of freedom that all Americans can get behind regardless of party affiliation. Democrats who participate in this shameful act are dishonoring what our county stands for and what many in our military have died for.

As a member of the State, Veterans, and Military Affairs Committee, and a public servant who respects our country, I call on Democrat leadership to condemn and discourage this appalling display of hatred toward our national values.

Given the backlash toward the NFL for their national anthem kneeling, it can be extrapolated that if the Colorado Democrats kneel during Monday’s special session, they too will likely face some sort of backlash from their constituents. The more the Left goes overboard with their anti-American antics, the more people will resent them.

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