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CNN Reporter Unleashes The Stupidest Tweet EVER

On Friday morning, Stockholm, Sweden was hit with an apparent terrorist attack, leaving at least three dead. An unidentified man drove a truck, which looked to have been hijacked, into a crowd of people outside of a department store; shots were also reportedly fired. The truck attack reeks of ISIS influence; Islamic extremists have called on ISIS sympathizers to weaponize trucks in order to effectively kill as many infidels as possible.

Upon the breaking news of what appears to be more radical Islamic terrorism, CNN reporter Chris Cillizza unleashed this beauty of a tweet:

“We”? Pardon?

Cillizza, infamous for his drastic Hillary Health flip-flop during the 2016 election, cannot comprehend the threat facing the civilized world from Islamic extremism; or that the victims of such extremism, “infidels,” are completely innocent save their refusal to worship Allah and comply with Sharia law.

The internet rebuked Cillizza accordingly.