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CNN Ratings Continue To Tank. Check Out These BRUTAL Numbers.

By  Amanda Prestigiacomo

The disastrous ratings at CNN continue to trend downward, suggesting that their Trump/Russia conspiracy obsession is falling flat with the general public.

CNN is not only getting crushed by Fox News, which is par for the course, but the network is also taking a beating from MSNBC. Forbes reports, “CNN had significant declines in February, with ratings dropping 19% in total day and 16% in prime, where the network returned an average audience of 979,000 total viewers — behind MSNBC (1.805 million) and Fox News (2.766 million).”

The report adds, “MSNBC has now beaten CNN in prime for 12 consecutive months among viewers 25-54 and 15 consecutive months among all viewers.”


And it gets worse when you look at the top cable news shows for February. CNN doesn’t even crack the top 20. In fact, host Anderson Cooper was the only one to make the top 25 for CNN, sneaking in at the 24 spot.

Fox News, on the other hand, is crushing it.

“Fox News Channel has led all basic cable networks for 20 consecutive months and has been the most-watched cable news network in total day and in prime time for 194 months straight, finishing February with an average total audience in prime time of 2.8 million, down 3% from February 2017,” reports Forbes.

Host Sean Hannity, once again, is ratings king, averaging an impressive 3.3 million total viewers.

But if you were thinking such abysmal ratings would spark a change in CNN’s questionable “journalistic” habits, you’d be mistaken. On Monday, the network embarrassed themselves by putting an unstable man they began to suspect was drunk on live air in the pursuit of painting President Donald Trump as some puppet of the Kremlin. CNN also tracked down a self-styled “seductress” and “sex coach” sitting in jail in a similar pursuit to mar the president. Just last week, “reporters” went digging through trash in yet another failed attempt to prove some Trump/Russia conspiracy.

And let’s not forgot that CNN “town hall” where gun rights supporters were unfairly slandered and maligned as anchor Jake Tapper sat back in silence.

Stay classy, CNN.

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