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CNN Is Hitler: Beware Anderson Cooper’s Gaystapo

When I write or tweet that CNN (which is Hitler) is Hitler, I don’t mean that CNN (which is Hitler) has (already) started a world war or murdered 6 million-plus innocent people (yet). What I mean is that CNN (which is Hitler) is utterly devoted to disarming law-abiding American citizens, empowering the state over the individual, and willing to use Brownshirt-style tactics in order to achieve these goals.

CNN (which is Hitler) openly encourages riots in black neighborhoods, folk-heroes attempted assaults on Donald Trump, fabricates evidence to gin up racial division, and as a matter of policy routinely equates traditional Christian beliefs as “hate” and “intolerance,” or worse.

When an entire news network has devoted itself to the propaganda of racial and religious bigotry, violence, lies, an all-powerful central government, disarming the populace, and relentless hate campaigns to demonize those who dare disagree … that’s close enough to Hitler for me.

To further prove this point, Tuesday in Orlando, CNN (which is Hitler) primetime anchor Anderson Cooper outed himself as a leading member of the Gaystapo — a vicious bully eager to abuse his power to publicly intimidate, make an example of, and intellectually terrorize someone with the temerity to not think “correctly.”

The victim of Cooper’s Gaystapo tactics was Florida’s Republican Attorney General Pam Bondi.

While all of America, including Bondi, would just like to forget our political differences and come together in our common humanity to mourn those murdered and wounded in an Islamic terror attack on a gay nightclub, what Cooper saw was an opportunity to put on a Show Trial to punish Bondi for her ThoughtCrime in opposition to same-sex marriage and, worse, for not openly celebrating the gay culture and lifestyle.

Watch the whole thing:

In the vernacular of Herr Cooper, the “sick irony” here is that while Cooper badgers Bondi for opposing same sex marriage, and her doing so based on language that said overturning the will of voters (more than two-thirds of Floridians oppose same-sex marriage) would “induce public harm,” Cooper proves her “public harm” argument correct.

In front of the entire world, Cooper uses her office’s opposition to same-sex marriage (also known as defending her state’s Constitution) as a weapon to de-humanize Bondi, to paint her as a monster who might have motivated this terrorist — which Cooper came right out and claimed when he said, “Doesn’t that [language] send a message to some people who might have bad ideas in mind?”

Cooper then went even further into full-ThoughtCrime Police mode:

It’s just that — I will say, I have never really seen you talk about gays and lesbians and transgender people in a positive way, until now. I read your Twitter history for the last year and I saw you tweeting about National Dog Month and National Shelter Dog Appreciation Day. It is Gay Pride Month. You never even tweeted about Gay Pride Month.

Cooper is using two Gaystapo tactics here:

1. No conservative or traditional Christian can ever be allowed to be seen as sympathetic towards homosexuals. Should this happen, should the news get out that we indeed do see the humanity in homosexuals while at the same time disagreeing with the left on certain gay political issues, it might take votes away from Democrats, and by extension weaken the power of central government.

2. As those of us opposed to same-sex marriage have always feared, the issue is now being used to criminalize the Christian (but never Muslim) faith. Those who oppose gay marriage (as Obama and Hillary did a mere three years ago) are not just being accused of ThoughtCrime (“You have been found guilty of NOT celebrating not celebrating homosexuality!”) by members of the Gaystapo, but the state itself has stepped in to force Christians (but never Muslims) to choose between their religious conscience and their livelihood.

And it is not just Anderson Cooper.

Using the gay rights movement, the goal of the political left has always been to toxifiy Christianity (never Islam) and the destruction of the Christian Church (never Mosques).

Look around.

The Media Gaystapo is everywhere celebrating Cooper’s bullying behavior. Via The Federalist:

Other media outlets ate it up. The Washington Post had a piece detailing the exchange as did The Hill. An editor at The Daily Beast thought the line of questioning was “nice.” The Daily Beast was super jazzed about the story, running several pieces on the exchange, including one from Lloyd Grove who gushed that Cooper was “uncompromising.” Indeed he was, if by uncompromising we mean “showing an unwillingness to make concessions to others, especially by changing one’s ways or opinions.”

As part of his post-grilling tour of triumph, he told a thankful New York Times with a straight face that “I’m not trying to push an agenda. I’m not here to be an advocate, railing at the top of my lungs at injustices; that’s the role other people have.” Yes, arguing repeatedly that you can’t oppose jihadist murdering of gays if you do so much as acknowledge the definition of marriage on which all societies have been based isn’t advocacy at all. Are you freaking kidding me?

Using the gay rights movement, the goal of the political left has always been to toxifiy Christianity (never Islam) and the destruction of the Christian Church (never Mosques).

Our faith will be chased out of the public square, the government will force us to violate our religious conscience, and our Churches will be taxed into oblivion.

Brace yourselves. The Gaystapo is emboldened and just getting started.

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