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CNN Got a Rodeo Clown Fired For Obama Mask. CNN Still Employs Kathy Griffin.

Y’all remember that rodeo clown? You know, the rodeo clown who wore the mask of then-President Obama? Come on, you must remember, because for at least a week in 2013, our national media went absolutely berserk over this unacceptable insult of their Precious Barry. And guess which news outlet led the feeding frenzy?

Yep, Hitler.

This, this, this, this, this, this, this (sorry, the Internet just ran out of this’s) was CNN’s insanely intentional overreaction to a nobody rodeo clown who, without a single racial connotation, wore an Obama mask during his act. It should also be noted that in the past this same rodeo clown had worn a mask of presidents’ Reagan and Bush. Nevertheless, until he was properly banished from society and lost all hope of future employment, CNN pushed and pushed and pushed the story; toxified this poor guy as an example in never mocking The Precious. And yet…

Less than 24 hours ago, CNN employee Kathy Griffin, a comedienne CNN hires annually to co-host its New Years Eve celebration with Anderson Cooper, did this…

Personally, I could not care less about the behavior of a struggling comedienne. Cries of desperation do not offend me, nor do I want Griffin boycotted or silenced, or whatever. Honestly, I just don’t care.

What I do care about, though, is a news organization that poses as objective and unbiased and then engages in the very worst kind of hypocrisy; a so-called news organization that destroys the life and career of a nobody rodeo clown and then employs someone who does this…

Yes, I realize that the same Jake Tapper who, a year later still loses his blow-dried mind over Trump breaking John McCain’s chops, said some stuff about this.

Yes, I realize that Anderson Cooper said some stuff.

Yes, I realize that CNN claims to be re-evaluating Kathy Griffin’s annual employment. But let’s not kid ourselves. All of this is rote, all of this came pretty late and only after the Internet blew up. And nothing we are seeing from CNN even touches the hurricane that left-wing cesspit of fake news blew up over a stupid Obama mask.

It is once again time to face the fact that in America we have a national news organization that is not being very subtle in its desire to have President Trump assassinated. For months now The Daily Wire has been documenting CNN’s not-so-subtle assassination dogwhistles, and now we have a high-profile CNN employee who has gone the full-ISIS in holding up the bloody-severed head of a sitting president.







Let me reiterate… I do not personally believe jobs should be lost or lives ruined over jokes or speech. That is not the America I wish to live in. CNN, however, disagrees. For a full week, CNN lifted some poor rodeo clown into the air and in front of the entire world slowly pulled off his wings … over a mask.

But as of this writing…

Kathy Griffin can, in front of the entire world, lift the severed head of a President Trump and still look forward to that sweet CNN gig, that high-profile New Years Eve spot…

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